View Full Version : A massive wall between Lebanon and Syria?

May 25th, 2010, 08:01 AM
A news source we don't use, reported on this the other day. Other news agencies, quoting the source, picked up the story, so I didn't post this thread.

I found a Q/A with the UN Secretary General from http://www.isria.com/pages/24_May_2010_274.php , where he was asked the question.

Here's the exchange with the reporter:

Q: [inaudible] building a massive wall in Lebanon?

SG: I need to find out more on this.

I sure hope we learn more about whether the wall is being built or not. :scratch And what the consequences would be.

All the "watchmen on the wall" here on RR will be the first to report! :lol2 (Couldn't help myself)