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July 28th, 2011, 11:52 PM
I know this could be a touchy thread but with the ideology that they possess its not hard to believe that they will use this against the great Satan in their eyes
Whats your thoughts

July 29th, 2011, 01:51 AM
Obviously we don't know but I feel that the middle east will need to be completely organized to it's moves once they do it. Are they that organized? I have no idea. I do see them at some point forming some sort of alliance where the ultimate goal is put into place. At this point it just seems like there's a lot of shifting going on both of power and munitions. Amadinajad or however you spell it isn't getting any younger and he says he'll be the guy that does it to set the Mahdi free. Each country will have to get over the hump where the muslim sects clash and put it all aside for the ultimate goal. It all will never succeed, one, because the Lord won't allow it too and two, the individual sects of the religion won't allow them to stay as one alliance long. They will turn on each other.

July 29th, 2011, 02:22 AM
I believe it wont be long :sad Things are gathering pace quickly in the Middle East.

Joseph The Carpenter
July 29th, 2011, 07:49 AM
I do not think iran will get nukes. If they had a nuclear weapon they would not need to join up with russia for EZ 38.:idunno

July 29th, 2011, 07:59 AM
I do not think iran will get nukes. If they had a nuclear weapon they would not need to join up with russia for EZ 38.:idunno

That's an interesting thought. I'll have to mull that one over.

July 29th, 2011, 08:10 AM
I've no doubt they have a couple. But to play the game you need several and high quality ones at that. That is what they are working on.


As soon as they have enough to get into the game. There may also bee a powerplay between clerics who prefer self preservation, and fanatics who are willing to kill themselves to force allah to do something.

What a whimpy god they have to help along. But then he was defeated at the Cross.

July 29th, 2011, 09:11 AM
I have no doubt that Iran would/will use nukes on the U.S. and our western allies if it gets the opportunity. But probably not on Israel because the risk of collateral damage is so great. The Lord is in this, of course. It seems to me the U.S. is expendable in terms of Bible prophecy; Isreal and the other ME countries still have prophecy to fulfill (IMO). Iran's push to have nukes is for power, to be able to intimidate Israel and the rest of the nations; and to have more bargaining power with Russia and the EU, especially eastern European countries, and the western nations as long as we continue to survive as world powers.

July 29th, 2011, 09:47 AM
Agree with Joseph the Carpenter.

July 29th, 2011, 11:57 AM
Iran is dangerously close to the nuke. This month of August, they will load the Russian fuel rods in; and before we know it terrorists could be armed with nuclear weapons worldwide.

The end of all this is very close, but don't fear, these things must come to pass. :pray

In Christ
July 29th, 2011, 06:53 PM
While I believe Iran has a couple crude nuclear weapons, I do not agree they have the strong backing/allied relationships in place to use them. If Iran were to take a NW and launch against Israel or the USA, after impact then what? The world would see them as the lone gunman and would draw together to stop them. A second or third bomb would do little good. When a country wants to launch a battle against a foe, it calls in the top officials of its closest allies to gain acceptance and agreement, then after the launch they have backing. Iran does not have those strong relationships in place, its relationships are weak and fragmented at best. Iran WILL ally with Russia whether it has a few bombs or not, it has to have that relationship in a steadfast position, and we all know what Ezekiel says.

On the other hand... Iran is crazy enough to think launching as a loner will bring back the 12th Iman... So who knows, but God...??

Just my .02c worth... Praise God and lets keep Israel in our prayers :pray