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January 13th, 2012, 06:28 PM
The only "visions" I get are the hallucinations I get if I go off my medication. :pound

Now, regarding the Bible Handouts, I had an incredible itch - an unscratchable itch, that I somehow knew could only be fixed by standing out on the corner with a box full of Bibles and a Free Bibles sign.

My husband had an idea he couldn't shake - handing out a tract about the mark of the beast.

Were we "called"? Absolutely. But we didn't have any visions of it.

It was just a very loud idea.

Any Minute
January 13th, 2012, 07:53 PM
Interesting............ we took someone who workes for us to church and no-one knew him there. A friend came straight up to us and said she had a picture about the man. It was an apple in half, inside was a maggot and she said he was rotten to the core. She also gave us a scripture (she really didn't know anything about him or his connection to us) which was "you suffer fools gladly" can't remember the ref. We had forgiven this man so many transgressions, for want of a better word, as we employed him, witnessed to him and tried to lead him to Christ. people kept telling us to get rid of him, but DH felt particularly sorry for his plight. Two weeks later the final straw came when he burgled our house and we caught him. I think that one was a good warning.

Not sure that was much of a "vision", could describe anyone of us ouside of Christ. Romans 3:9-18
I gotta go with iSong and onehappymeg on this one.

January 13th, 2012, 08:49 PM
I feel I should add, my hallucinations are horrid, awful, experiences.

Sometimes it isn't a holy vision: it's an illness that needs medication. Talk to your doctor, especially if you are having other symptoms like depression, trouble sleeping, odd thoughts. My medication is incredibly cheap and effective.

I know that sounds ironic considering I do the handouts, but there you have it. God didn't use me at all, until my diagnosis and 3 years of medication. :hat Obviously, medicating is His will.

Now, if I have a strong thought or impulse, that is in adherence to the Bible, then I'm going to pray on it and ask God for some outward confirmation. I get it; and I go do it.

In my husband's case, and mine, it was pretty obvious that our thoughts were completely in line with the Great Commission.

January 13th, 2012, 09:03 PM
I agree with isong about prophetic visions, but I also think God can give non prophetic "pictures" or so called "visions"

I know of people that said God put a distinct picture in there head of something they should do. This has never happened to me but I believe it's possible. I guess the question is how do you recognize the picture as from God, and not your own imagination?

January 13th, 2012, 10:43 PM
God can and does lead His children in many different ways, many of which have no logical explanation.

I've said this before, the signs and wonders movements tend to get into trouble by continually seeking after signs to confirm their faith, instead of just staying in the Word and trusting Him. Then satan will sneak, or barge in, and accomodate their wishes if he is given a tiny opening.

mary rae
January 14th, 2012, 10:13 PM
I appreciate this thread so much!
I would have to agree with the majority of posters here.... if one does get "pictures" or visions, they absolutely must be within the bounds of Scripture, never under the "new revelation" banner. I belong to a Pentecostal church myself, and at one point in my Christian life got caught up in the more hyper elements of our denomination, when I started to experience dreams/visions that seemed to be important or "had a message" from God. I don't think I'm getting this type of phenomenon happening anymore...I'm no longer involved with "hyper" minded individuals. I think I have also matured in my walk with the Lord and don't feel the need to seek after the latest sign or vision as an affirmation of my faith or that God is speaking.
Those visions that I have had....very few..... I'm just leaving with the Lord.... He alone knows if there was anything important in them & He will accomplish His will regardless of what I've experienced.
I do want to add... any dream I have had , I now see as having been a call for me to prayer for circumstances or situations in my life or that of other's lives, and not an instrument to say "Look at me."