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December 28th, 2008, 11:34 PM

I do not apologise for loving all my mod cons. I admit it freely I don't want to haul my washing down to the local river and scrub it clean on the rocks. I certainly don't want to haul my daily water from the our pollutated disgusting river (especially after all the neighbourhood have washed their dirty laundry down there). No it's the cushy internal plumbing and reverse airconditioning for me.

You know it's not the mod cans that make us ungrateful but our attitude. There were wicked and ungrateful people in the days before washing machines as well.

Thankfullness is something we all I'm sure lacked over the ages. I know I don't thank God daily for my mod cons but I am grateful for all my hubby & I have.

Our children have many of the mod cons of today but we didn't just hand them over they had to earn everyone of them. The problem is not children in themselves but lazy parents who indulge their children instead of taking the time to teach them and discipline them. Our children knew we meant what we said and if they mucked up their things would be confiscated. TV and other entertainment was earned by our kids not given. Our children are young adults and they are disgusted at how easily young kids get things and they don't have to earn them like they did.

IMO - Lazy parenting leads to spoilt undisciplined children.

December 29th, 2008, 01:27 AM
I learned many valuable lessons from my mom while growing up. She always paid bills first, and then worried about cable and entertainment, etc. We went without cable television for awhile and I learned to deal with it. In fact, I am so glad that I don't feel glued to the couch like I did when I was ten or eleven. I am thankful for realizing the gift of a nice community library and museum. :)

One thing that took me a long time to understand, though:

In high school, so many of my peers, and their families, were just as poor as my mom and I. Yet, they always had the digital cameras and MP3 players, etc. I have finally come to realize that those families were in debt for unnecessary items. They didn't have their priorities straight. I'm glad my mom never had to worry about how to pay off credit cards.

For a small fee, people will haul away your garbage, provide you with endless clean water, and assure the continuation of your electricity, telephone and Internet.


I don't know if it's always a small fee! LOL

December 29th, 2008, 01:52 AM
Ron, I think spoiled is being kind. How about decayed and rotten....infested with mold, maggots.... and fungi.....lol

But this is so true. I had a hard time trying to figure what to get the cousins for Christmas, because they already have everything: cellphones, I-Pods, gaming systems, cologne, computers, laptops, TV's and DVD players...and on and on. When we were growing up, we had to wait for Christmas just to get new underwear and sleepwear or a doll, etc.

Going out to dinner was such a treat. Nowadays, you can't even decided what to eat because you have already eaten everything. Nothing is a treat or a special occasion anymore.

Some of my nieces dance studio friends (11yrs & up), talk about how they need to go and get their nails and hair done, and how they need to go to the spa to have the kinks worked out of their system..... They drink $3 Starbucks coffee and other stuff that I feel little girls should not do.

I don't have cable, I don't have high-speed Internet and my telephone does not have call waiting or any features. I use to have all those things and more, but after being laid off, I let it go....urr correction, I could not afford it, so it went! And, I will not purchase them again now that I am working. I told my son (19 yrs old), "get over it already". You get to still live here and eat!....lol

I think this nation is the Babylon of the bible. It will fall.

December 29th, 2008, 02:31 AM
We have no phone, cable or internet.
Anything nice we have is usually a gift from the family for a birthday or Christmas. We finally got a nice mp3 player and digital camera. But only after several years of everyone having one. Then again, we don't have to upgrade as much because we got something after the initial expense has gone down and the technology has gotten better.
I sure do hate it when people look down on me for having nice things. I try not to flaunt it, it's not like I could afford it by myself. I may have a nice coat, but it's my only coat, And I still have junky shoes.

I'm one of those people that likes to cook and have family or friend get togethers. I imagined myself as one of these people who would have dinner parties, even if the food is modest. But I doubt anyone my age has an appreciation for that type of thing or any of the work involved. It's all about the money, convenience, or partying until someone is admitted to the emergency room. It's not about making any real memories. I feel sad for these people. When they turn old and grey, what are they going to reflect on? One blurry night in a Burger King they could half remember only because a friend told them they hit it off with some chick?
I don't want to live that way...
Maybe they do it because they have no other life skills? I don't know how many people at college that don't know how to cook! They look at me like I have some special talent. It's only homemade chicken noodles.

December 29th, 2008, 09:17 AM
This reminded me of something. My human father is very wealthy. He has all but disowned me but thats another sad story. Every once in a while, through the years, we have eaten out w/ him at what we would call an expensive restaurant. As much as I love the taste of the food, I decided a long time ago that I would never want to be wealthy enough to eat that kind of food all the time. He grew up poor but now takes it for granted and I can tell he doesnt enjoy it like I do. There is no gratefulness in his heart for the moment.

As much as many of us struggle financially, if we had that kind of money, there is so much enjoyment that would be gone w/ it. Take a ride on someone else's boat on the lake or intercoastal when you dont have one and you truly enjoy it. If you had one, do you think the ride would taste that sweet each time? Ride in a very nice car every once in a while vs owning one. Which do you truly enjoy or appreciate more? Or get a piece of expensive chocolate instead of a hershey bar one time. Do we think we would truly enjoy that special flavor if we had it at our fingertips all the time?

I hope this makes sense. Would I like to have money? Sure, but deep down I know it can minimize the pleasure of alot of things. If you dont have something very often and then get it once in a while, the enjoyment is magnified 1000 times over having it every day, to the point you expect it and nothing "less" will be accepted. What a lesson here. Anyone agree? :thinking

December 29th, 2008, 10:42 AM
Agreed Sunshine - the more you have, the more you have to lose, or so that saying goes, I think. I sometimes wonder about people being indifferent to the carnage that is occurring in the US government, but most people I think are too lazy or sated to determine what is true and what is not.

As a Christian, I dont have an excuse - and I fail the test regularly, and need His help all the time.

December 29th, 2008, 01:01 PM
It's nice to be reminded every once in a while how many conveniences we have. We tend to forget.

I do think that purposely scorning all the wonderful things that have been invented is a little ungrateful as well. (If you can afford it) cable and internet are great resources, and there's nothing wrong with nice things. God made us with such ingenuity, and I think all the advancements we have made over the last century is a reflection of God's character. We are always looking for ways to better our situations.

It reminds me of purposely not taking any drugs during childbirth. Our grandmothers would have slapped us silly if they knew we would reject such a wonderful invention. They would have died to have epidurals 100 years ago! And I'm sure that people in third world countries would think we're crazy for rejecting the things that they would love to have!

December 29th, 2008, 01:43 PM
This reminds me of a line from an old song:

"Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got till it's gone."

But yes, this is definitely true.

December 29th, 2008, 03:46 PM
It reminds me of purposely not taking any drugs during childbirth. Our grandmothers would have slapped us silly if they knew we would reject such a wonderful invention. They would have died to have epidurals 100 years ago! And I'm sure that people in third world countries would think we're crazy for rejecting the things that they would love to have!

Now come on, that is a very controversial issue and has nothing to do with shunning modern technology to prevent one from becoming spoiled. Choosing unmedicated childbirth is also not an insult to women of other generations, either. :rolleyes Surely you could have posted another example that isn't so divisive?

Musician in His house
December 29th, 2008, 04:21 PM
I confess that I am dependent on modern conveniences to a great degree. I hardly ever think about running water/electricity/satellite TV/wireless access unless it is interrupted. I am also one of those who feels naked without my cell phone. Still, I know my existence is not bound up in those things, and I can do without them if I have to. I am thankful on a daily basis for all things God has given us, and I am glad that those who invented all things that make modern life better were given the intelligence (by God) to invent those things. If you are led to live a "simpler life" (and some do), then that is between you and God. If you are led to use all the technology at your disposal, then don't abuse the blessing and use it as glory to God. Teach your children that these things are not necessities, but luxuries, and show them by example how to use them responsibly. I posted in a different post that we have at times had the telephone disconnected, but we have never had the electricity cut off. We have been greatly blessed.

BTW -- I had epidurals with both my boys, and boy, am I glad I did!! To me, epidurals are just another kind of medicine to relieve pain and suffering. Physicians use medicines to do just that. God is known as the Great Physician. Yes, I know this primarily refers to the spiritual condition, but Jesus also referred to physicians in His teaching where He observed that (paraphrasing here) people who are not sick don't seek a physician, but people who are sick do. However, the Apostle Paul also observed that a person should not criticize another person because they do (or don't) eat a certain thing or live a certain way. In other words, don't criticize a person who doesn't eat meat or try to make them eat it. Live and let live with the "small" things. There are bigger things to be concerned about, like a person's salvation.