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March 16th, 2009, 03:34 PM
:hug This is wonderful. :thumb

March 16th, 2009, 05:35 PM
Jade placed the letter on top of all her old report cards. She had spent over an hour writing the letter and her heart ached for Zoe. She had pleaded with God to open her sisters heart. It seemed the closer she became to Jesus the further her sister drew away. She had many conversations with her parents and her pastor about what to do. "Pray." Her pastor had told her. "Only Jesus can call her to Him."
Her parents had been stunned when Jade had confessed to them over two weeks ago that she suspected that Zoe had never truly accepted Jesus as her Savior. Her mother had cried, and been desperate to talk to Zoe. She had sat up until Zoe had come home from her nightly workout and tried to talk to her. Zoe had assured her mother that all was well. Joleen had been aware of the truth, but Jade had told her of the blowups between the sisters and had not pushed.
Lawrence, their father, had tried to talk to Zoe, but again, Zoe had talked her way out of a serious conversation about the state of her relationship with Jesus.
Jade knelt on the floor next to her bed and began to pray. "Father. Thank You that I can take all my cares to You. My heart is heavy Lord. Lord Zoe needs you. She is lost. I beg you Father, draw her to you. Knock on the door of her heart. Only You can save her. I want so badly for her to go with me in the rapture, but if that is not your will Father, let Your will be done. I love my sister Father and I am afraid for her. I know what the world will face once you have removed Your church, and I ask that if Zoe chooses to wait until then, that she would quickly come to repentance and accept the sacrifice Your Son made for us all. I ask that she survive the initia chaos after we are called home, and that Your hand of protection would be over her until she accepts that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. I ask all this in Jesus name, Amen."
Jade crawled into bed and decided that as soon as she heard Zoe get home, she would talk to her again. She looked at her clock and saw that it was just before 9:00pm. Zoe wouldn't be back from the gym for at least another half hour so she lay in bed thinking about Jesus. Her mind began to calm, and she smiled. "Thank You Jesus."
She lay there grinning when she heard the sound of a trumpet, followed by her name being shouted. Within a millisecond she was standing face to face with Jesus.
Her heart pounded with joy and Jesus said. "Well done good and faithful servant. Welcome home."

March 16th, 2009, 05:36 PM
Gabe and Steffi were getting ready for bed.
"I talked to Maddie again today." Steffi told her husband.
"How'd it go?" Gabe asked her.
"She said she'd think about what I told her."
"I talked to Shade today too. I don't know why, but I felt like I needed to. He just nodded and said the same thing Maddie said." Gabe sighed.
Steffi crawled into bed and Gabe joined her.
"Oh Gabriel, I can't stand the thought of Maddie, Shade and Matt being left behind." Steffi cried.
"I know, babe. I know." Gabe held his wife tightly. She only called him Gabriel when she was angry or really upset. Gabe lifted his eyes heavenward. Please Lord he thought. "We have done all we can. We told them about Jesus, and what He did for them. We told them He is coming for His church someday. The rest is up to them and the Father."
'I know Gabriel. But I wish I could do more." she sobbed into her husband's chest. After a few moments she quieted. "I will trust in Jesus. He know's who belongs to Him."
Steffi had no more than finished those words when the trumpet sounded. She felt Gabe jump at the sound. She heard her name and looked at her husband. His face was lit up as they both were swept to heaven.
There He was. His eyes rested tenderly on them. "Welcome home, good and faithful servants."

March 17th, 2009, 05:29 PM
So glad you all are back!! Love the stories even though they make me. :crying :woohoo:woohoo:woohoo:goodscore:popcornbag

March 21st, 2009, 03:03 PM
"Daddy, you going to church with us today?" Little 8 year old Addie had asked.."nah sweetie...Daddie's got a big football game to watch today hon..but you go right ahead" "ya like my dress daddy?" "oh my yes..you're my princess and you are the most beautiful girl in the world...now you go on with your momma and you be a good girl..ya hear?"

"ok daddy" ...sitting in her car seat...deep in thought ..."mommy...why doesn't daddy ever come to church with us?" Her mom humming her favorite worship song....fails to hear

walking into her sunday school class......little ms thing...takes her seat by her friends..plops down her bible and her "cuddle".....Mrs Carnegie walks into sunday school and greets all the kiddo's ..."well my don't we all look nice and chipper today"

Mrs Carnegie opened up with a prayer and then instructed all the kids to sing along with "Jesus Loves me this I know...for the bible tells me so"

Addie sang loud and bold..."YES JESUS LOVES ME....YES JESUS LOVES ME"

after the song....Mrs Carnegie feeling led to share..."why do you think it's important to know Jesus Loves you?" all the kids raising their hands to be called on to answer....one little boy answering ..."because He made us" another piping up "because Momma says if you don't love Jesus ....you will be in bad trouble someday" ...Addie's ears perked up...."what kinda trouble?" "bad bad trouble" the boy answered again.....Mrs Carnegie sensing fear in Addie's question ...interjects..."Addie.....Jesus loves You so much that He gave His life for you...let me say it like this.....have you ever gotten in trouble with your daddy Addie?" she knods her head up and down...."yep...my gum got on the couch" "was your dad really mad?" "yuh huh" "did he punish you?" "yuh huh" "he gave me a swat and a time out and I can't chew gum no more in the living room" "well what if you did" "I'd be in bad bad trouble"

"well let's suppose that you went home today and you chewed gum and you got it on the couch even after your daddy told you how bad it was to do....."oh no Mrs Carnegie let's not spose that" Mrs Carnegie chuckled.."I mean let's just pretend" "your daddy would be furious right and have to get someone in trouble right?" "ummm hmmmm" "well what if right when you were about to get in trouble Jesus came and took your punishment for you?" "that wouldn't be fair to Jesus" "yes your right Addie it wouldn't be fair" "but what if He did?" "he'd be the coolest" "why Addie?" "because He took my place"

And that's why Addie it's important to Know Jesus Loves you....because You have done things wrong that have hurt your heavenly dad...."I have?" "have you ever told a lie Addie?" ....Addie looks around the room sheepishly but knods her head up and down..."well Addie the bible says it's very wrong to lie and because you told that lie you are suppose to be in trouble but IF you ask Jesus to come into your heart....He has already taking your punishment for you....that's why He died on the cross Addie ...FOR YOU"

Addie's eyes opened a mile wide....."I understand Mrs Carnegie...I get it" ....."Jesus Loves me and He took my timeouts for me and all my swats?" "yes Addie that's right" "And the best part Addies is that someday you will get to live with Jesus forever and ever...but first you gotta ask Him into your heart ok?" "please can we right now Mrs Carnegie?" "YES WE CAN....does anyone else want to pray too?" Mrs Carnegie asked her class...One by one the hands were raised..."Dear Jesus...thank you so much for dying on the cross the bad things ..the sins we have done...come into our hearts and save us in Jesus Name Amen"

It had been a glorious day..Addie could barely contain herself....racing out of her car seat and into the house and her daddy's lap..."daddy ...daddy...guess what? I gave my life to Jesus today daddy"

"that's great sweetie....now you go on and help your mom with lunch...daddy's got a football game to watch"

But just a few days later at 10pm cst....came a shout from on high

In that moment...In the Twinkling of an eye......Addie was Caught Up to meet Jesus in the Air....SHE HEARD THAT SHOUT...She and Mrs Carnegie "were ready"

March 21st, 2009, 05:32 PM
:thumb....so precious when even a child gets its!

March 21st, 2009, 05:34 PM
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March 25th, 2009, 01:17 PM
How sweet!!! :hug

April 1st, 2009, 11:23 PM
"stuck in rush hour traffic....bumper to bumper, Cameron turns up the volume of his stereo..."I can only imagine...when that day comes" beginning to sing along......his mind wanders ahead of the traffic to where he wants to be ....home with his 6 yr old son CJ" He and CJ have a special bond...both had been through so much...it's been just over a year since that fateful night where they both sat at a dinner table to hear words from a woman they both had held dear...."I just want to be alone...can't you understand?" she had pleaded...."I JUST WANT TO BE ALONE!"

little Cj's bottom lip had quivered so tenderly when he heard those words...
"DIVORCE"..... he knew that word was something bad and was just old enough to understand it was worthy of tears..."mommy and daddy ...I don't want to be divorced" he had begged. Cameron too was devestated....NEVER EVER in all his life had he had any intention of going through such a trial...let alone bring it upon his child he loved so dearly. In fact he had resolved "it will NEVER happen to me" ....but now a year later sitting in traffic ...his stereo blares

"will I stand before you Jesus or in awe of you be still ..will dance in your presence or to my knees will I fall? ..I can only imagine"...the song continues....tears pouring as Cameron reflects....

That prior Christmas had been really rough on he and his son....they had left for the weekend ....only to return to an abandoned home....a home so full of memories for such a young boy..the only home he knew...but this year there was no christmas tree...and everything completely moved out...."daddy...why did santa not show up here?" "cuz son...he knew we'd be at papa and grandma's house"......."daddy ....why didn't Jesus or Santa answer my wish?" "what wish was that son?" "that mommy wouldn't want a divorce" "what did we do wrong daddy?" "what did we do wrong?"

stuck on the interstate...Cameron was so engrossed in the song ....continuing to reflect...3 months after the "divorce" he and his son had relocated a few hours south to a place of refuge and had started a new life in a small duplex....a very boring life to some ..but a very solid routine for CJ and His dad Cameron. Each night Cameron would come home and play catch with his son....talking about life and hope to come....how important it was to "love Jesus" and Know that someday ....despite every ounce of heartache experienced ...that "there would be a day" "that only they could imagine"...where they would stand before Jesus....and be able to live together forever and ever and that it was so important to know that Jesus AND Daddy loves him so very much. This day would seem to be like no other....Cameron could hardly wait to get home and toss the football around.

After what seemed an eternity...the traffic finally began to move....and speeding along the interstate Cameron arrived to his destination ....picking up his son Cj and headed to the duplex driveway where the two spent their time playing catch. Father and Son bonding....you'd just have to be there to appreciate how awesome it was.

Moments after the final toss..they both headed inside to share a meal and talk about whatever was on their minds..when in the midst of their meal....little Cj looks up at his dad and ask...."daddy ...it's just you and I huh?" "yeah son....You and I and Jesus...but "daddy what if something happened to you? .....Tears again fall down Cameron's cheeks realizing the sensitive and insecure nature of his son's question....."Cj ...if anything EVER happens to your daddy...you WILL ALWAYS and I mean always STILL HAVE JESUS" "yeah but daddy.....what would I do to be with you?" ....Cameron's heart begins to rip through his very chest ...pounding so intensely..."buddy listen...IF you have Jesus in Your heart .....we will always alway always be together ...that I promise" .....in the background a song begins to play "here I am to worship..here I am to bow down....Here I am to say that your my God"

In that moment ....Cameron began to sense the depth of his son's question...."Cj...this is a special night ...please listen to your daddy" Cameron sat and told his son all about The Cross and how very important Jesus death was and how 3 days later Jesus had rose from the grave and because of that death ..and burial and resurrection...that they both could have a sure hope that they too would get to be together forever and ever....Cj spoke up ..."daddy..I want to ask Jesus into my heart" and right there in that small little duplex..Cameron led his son to the Lord ...it was such an awesome night...indescribable......tears fell...crocodile tears to say the least. Cameron and Cj had been through such heartache and experienced such loss..but NOT this night..they were filled with such joy and peace...little Cj had layed down on his pillow and as his eye's grew heavy he asked one last question..."you proud of me daddy?"

It was 10pm cst ....as Cameron began to pull the cover's over his son..leaning over and kissing Cj on the cheek ..."the most proud son"...then "in the twinkling of an eye....A LOUD SHOUT CAME FRON ON HIGH" "COME UP HERE"..........THEY WERE READY

April 2nd, 2009, 04:22 PM
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