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October 1st, 2009, 03:00 PM
:woohoo I AM READY!!!! :rapture

October 5th, 2009, 01:30 PM
i'm ready

October 15th, 2009, 12:01 PM
"You really think Jesus is coming back huh? MORON" "How can you believe that Junk?? Besides I know you, don't think for a second you're fooling anybody with all that Jesus stuff....I've seen your dark side ya know...heck we've even drank together and partied back in the day...so don't go preaching to me..ya hear?"

Preston took the lashing from his childhood friend and bowed his head in shame. It had been his good attentions to share what has been so heavily on his heart lately...but now walking away.... his past failures haunt his thoughts in raging tones

over 2000 years ago....A man named Peter who walked alongside Jesus for three years...Had just taken a sword and cut a man's ear off ...enraged that a police force had come to arrest His Lord. But hours later when a frenzied mob looked in earnest for Jesus disciples..a young girl stared up at Peter and said You were with Jesus ..You are one of His....Peter cursed ...DENYING His very Lord..."I KNOW HIM NOT"

He too felt SHAME in it's fullest furry ..and went and hid and wept bitterly...condemned and feeling so alone Peter like Preston had bowed his head and in defeat walked away

Preston drove back to his apartment and fell into His couch...tears streaming down ..."Lord, I am so sorry ..so sorry that my life has hurt Your Name"

over the next few days and weeks Preston moped about thinking himself a failure to His Lord...feeling so condemned and unworthy

sitting down to a hot and tasteless microwave dinner...he flips on the tv...."In today's news...the harsh rhetoric continues to mount as nations of the world are condemning Israeli actions as they continue to ignore calls for withdrawal....Prime Minister Netanyahu has stated that in no uncertain terms that Israel will not retreat from its hard line stance as it clearly prepares for an offensive"

Preston ...knowing the times...puts his meal to the side and kneels by the couch..."Heavenly Father, I'm so sorry that I have wallowed in self pity..that I have allowed condemnation to steal my joy and purpose....I know this life isn't about me....it's about You and What Jesus has done. Thank You Father that you have told me to forget those things are behind me and to press on ..and Lord that's what I am going to do...please give me a new boldness and a greater zeal and urgency to warn all those you have called me to warn..in Jesus Name Amen

sitting back up on his couch Preston took his bible and began to read

Peter had denied the Lord and Yet when Jesus had rose from the grave he sent and asked for Peter to be assembled....having warned Peter that He would indeed fail and deny Him...Jesus now took Peter aside and asked "Peter ..do you Love me?" "Yes My Lord..."then feed my sheep"

"Go to Jerusalem and wait...and I will send you a Helper and when He comes you will receive power to be my witness"

"Peter having been forgiven, restored and sent of the Lord ...waited with the others in prayer in an upper room when at 9am a sound as of a mighty rushing wind fell on all those who had assembled"

Just has Jesus had promised...Peter is filled with the Spirit of the Lord and a holy boldness fills his soul, outside a huge crowd has gathered for a fall festival and are being stirred by what has taken place....Peter stands up and preaches an urgent message calling for everyone to repent and believe upon Jesus"

Preston reading the story...closes his bible and again gets on his knees in prayer and pouring out all that is in Him..asking God for that same urgency and that same boldness

to be continued......................

October 15th, 2009, 07:20 PM
as Preston knelt in his tiny one bedroom apartment...his prayers ascending..He was consumed with purpose and a new passion and deep urgency to reach those near and dear to him....BUT HOW? "how God ...how do I warn...how do I reach out? I am willing to look the fool, but HOW?"

what started as a microwave dinner in front of tv and a nightly news update..has led to this ...a young man, surrendering all that he is and all that he was to God. In exchange ...The Father is in return drawing very close and filling Preston up with new vision ...and a holy boldness to go into his world as God's word become flesh...a living epistle to be read above all people


Preston had woke up early...unable to sleep...something deep inside him was stirred ...it was like fire shut up in his bones....pacing back and forth in his apartment...he began to intercede for his friends and family.."Dear God..please have mercy..please forgive..please heal and restore"

Those prayers took feet and Preston took off towards the town square...the annual fall festival was underway and the smell of Apple Butter was in the air...but Preston paid it no mind...

He could barely contain his emotions...he was so stirred as he approached the multitudes..not even hearing one of his friends say "hey there Preston"

taking to the Courthouse steps He looked out and amongst his hometown and again began his compelling word


"what is it? what's up...something the matter?" some of the people asked

YES...YES THERE IS SOMETHING THE MATTER...Preston cried out....and you have got to hear this warning

"WELL WHAT IS IT? Out with it" as more and more onlooker's gathered

Standing in front of the growing crowd ...ready to deliver his urgent message...Preston stood when the Spirit of the Living God broke Him...and He began to sob...His tears flooding out...and God's Mercy and Love filled his soul''

I Love you all and I am here to warn you...BEG YOU EVEN TO TURN TO JESUS CHRIST WHILE THEIR IS STILL TIME" .....a few moans of detest come at him and few already turn away but Preston continues


JESUS SAID THAT HE WOULD COME AGAIN and warned it would be Just as it was in the days of Noah...when people were eating and drinking and being Merry....HE said He would come as thief in the Night and that No man would know the hour..BUT HE SAID WE SHOULD KNOW THE SEASON...HE SAID THERE WOULD WARS AND RUMORS OF WARS AND EARTHQUAKES...HE SAID THERE WOULD BE SCOFFER"S that would mock this message and that the love of many would grow cold.....

crying even harder and He also said that many many would reject Him and His salvation and be damned forever to an eternity seperated from God where would be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

PLEASE DON'T LET THAT BE YOU!!!!! PLEASE DON'T SCOFF ..PLEASE Don't Mock....Please..again all who have ears to hear...HEAR .....JESUS IS COMING

Many in the crowd mocked..many making fun..but there were others....they saw Preston's heart and they heard his words...one young woman sobbed violently...falling to her knees ...and other's did too...a teenager wearing his highschool football jersey...trying to fight off what he was hearing turned to walk away but felt compelled to ask "what must I do?....

Preston looking him in the eye..BELIEVE UPON JESUS CHRIST ...Give your whole life to Him"

a nearby youth pastor was working a booth....had been gazing upon what he had seen and heard ...picked up a guitar and headed over to the courthouse steps..and began to sing...."I believe in Jesus....I believe He is the Son of God....I believe He died and rose again ..I believe He paid for us all"

more and more people continued to gather..as God's Spirit moved through the crowd...

not unlike over 2,000 years ago...a surrendered vessel answered a call ..the same call...to "go into all the world and preach the gospel"

before that day there were thousands of people who were headed toward a life in HELL..but not NOW...they heard God's Word and Believed and Repented......


November 26th, 2009, 08:37 AM

The Angelic Host continue their service around The Father's Majestic Throne..all the while sitting at His right hand is The Son of the Most High...Both are earnestly overlooking all of creation with a earnest intensity ...a sweet aroma fills the air...an incense of "prayers" continues to ascend

Both the Father and the Son's eyes filled with such love and compassion are turned ever so attently to the hearts of those who are crying out. "Jesus save me"..."Jesus come Quickly"

Jesus ever interceding glances knowingly to The Father..."these are mine which You have given me Father"

A holy hush transcends the celestial chorus as God the Father stands ....a great cloud of witnesses bows in awe...joining along...24 Elders take to their knees awaiting a decree

Looking to His right hand ...God the Father says "Son, It's Time!" Jesus face lights up with a smile for the ages....as the Father continues "Son, go get my children" Stepping off His throne..Jesus calls for Gabriel...."Got your Trumpet?"

Jesus steps forward ....His Glory Illuminating brighter than the Sun....giving his approving nod...The Angel places the Horn to his lips .....A ROAR of Praise is lifted up in Chorus ...THEN THE BLAST FOR ALL THE AGES GOES FORTH......FOLLOWED BY A SHOUT




November 28th, 2009, 10:50 PM
Amen yes I am ready! Hallelujah!!!! :yeah

November 28th, 2009, 10:56 PM
Absolutely wonderful and touching stories...May I use them? I like to send them via emails to some friends of mine and especially and Uncle who is an avowed Atheist. I think each one of us can learn something from each of your writings...I always enjoy them!

November 29th, 2009, 09:23 AM
Absolutely wonderful and touching stories...May I use them? I like to send them via emails to some friends of mine and especially and Uncle who is an avowed Atheist. I think each one of us can learn something from each of your writings...I always enjoy them!

absolutely...please share them and thank you so much for the encouragement

December 1st, 2009, 05:15 PM
May sat on her bed with her arms wrapped around her sister. May hugged her sister even tighter and sobbed into her thick black hair. Aini clung to her big sister and sobbed, "Why, oh, why, May? If your God loves us why'd he take Momma?"

May felt her own heart tear. "Why Momma, Lord?" she whispered. "Why me?" Jesus looked down from Heaven and saw the two parentless children who were all alone. He wept with them. "Someday you'll understand. Not now," He whispered softly and gently to May. Something prompted May to look up. She saw her Lord and Saviour on the cross with blood streaming down his face. Then the vision slowly changed. She saw herself flying through the air surrounded by other believers. She saw Him in those ivory palaces with herself and another sitting at His feet worshiping Him - who was that? She couldn't recognize the face but it looked like Aini. "Oh, Lord do whatever it takes to save my sister," May prayed. She carressed her fourteen year old sister's hair. Aini quieted under May's soothing embrace.

Later that night May got out her Bible. She read it nightly to Aini as was her custom. "Listen now to the word's of Jesus. He said, 'I go to prepare a place for you and if I go to prepare a place for you, I will come again and recieve you unto myself that --" the word's broke off as May heard a shout that sounded like a trumpet call. She felt herself whirled through the air. Her sister sat on the floor staring in disbelief as May's skirt shrank and crumpled onto the floor. Her shirt fell in a little heap on top of the Bible. Aini lunged foward towards the Bible. Her eyes caught on the verse her sister was reading. "-- that where I am there ye may be also."

May was ready!

December 3rd, 2009, 01:39 AM