Why are churches so different? Is one better than the other?

Many options are available because people are all very different and there is a need for all types. As long as the Bible is taught—fully and only—then the style of the service is of little importance. Many denominations would argue with that point, but since the Bible does not give clear direction on this issue it must not be a matter of salvation.

The real dilemma you seem to be facing is not about whether one church is better than another in God’s eyes. Your struggle seems to be centered on how you can compromise with your wife so that you both feel fulfilled in your church. First of all, pray for unity in your marriage. Then maybe you and your wife can agree to try both types of churches for a little while. If you still don’t agree on where to put down roots, then sit with one of the pastors and discuss the options that exist in your area, where you could possibly find a middle ground.

The first step, as always, is to pray for God’s direction and for His hand to be on the process. He will guide you.