Is it possible to understand the Book of Revelation better?

It is difficult to understand the intricacies of the Book of Revelation. The entire book is a written account of a vision that the Apostle John received from the Lord concerning events that were to happen far into the future. It was written in a way that was common for the time, but is not easily understood today. Also, we must realize that while John was writing about what he saw, it is likely that he didn't even understand a lot of it. Because of all of these reasons, highly educated and very sincere theologians disagree about the meaning of some of the message.

The key emphasis for the Book of Revelation is that there is an end to the human struggle with the flesh. Jesus Christ will fight that fight for us and He will win! The other details should be studied carefully and prayerfully. However, we will probably not understand the full picture until it fully unfolds. God designed it that way so that we would trust in Him and live our lives always ready to meet Him.