What is Mormonism?

Mormonism is a cult that, like most cults, is sprinkled with enough truth to just hint at the truth of the Bible while missing it entirely. Again, we have a religion that denies the deity of Jesus Christ. In this faith, He is relegated to being a mere mortal, a true offspring of Elohim and an equal to Lucifer, another of Elohim's offspring. According to the Mormon Doctrine, "Every man who reigns in celestial glory is a god to his dominions;" "There was never a time when there were not Gods and worlds;" and, "Each god, through his wife or wives, raises up a numerous family of sons and daughters." So, every man is equal to Jesus in that he has the opportunity to become a god and have dominion over his people.

Mormons believe that Adam chose to fall from grace so that men might be and have joy. They are instructed that they should consider the fall of Adam and Eve as one of the great steps toward eternal exaltation and happiness. Salvation is believed to be given to all living things: believers, unbelievers, heathens and even animals. Baptism is the gateway to Heaven and is vitally important to every believer. So much so, that the practice of a person standing in proxy and being baptized for dead people is widely used. It is believed that this practice actually releases people from the grip of Satan.

There are levels of Heaven present that are attained through works done on earth. Hell is only for Satan and his angels and for those who commit the unpardonable sin.

This religion is so chock-full of heresy that I do not even know where to begin with the biblical refutation of its beliefs. One major problem in refuting this religion is that at any time, the beliefs of Mormons can change if the current prophet of the day says that God told him something new. The current prophet always overrides any teaching that has come before. So, to make it simpler, take every thought, every doctrine, every teaching of this religion, and, toss it! Pick up a Bible and start there.