Do Christians need to vote?

I admit, the prospects on the political horizon seem bleak at times. It appears that anyone worth voting for is too scrupulous to join the campaign. And, if those worthy candidates do put their hats in the ring, as it were, they donít stand a chance because the numbers donít work in their favor. So why bother voting?

Unfortunately, many Christians feel this way and that has largely contributed to the problem. If Christians in this country felt the responsibility that they should and that the forefathers of this country tried to instill in them, the problem would greatly shrink. However, this defeatist mentality has contributed to the demise of Christians in politics. We have to trust God and go to the polls. If we arenít Godís voice in this country, who will be?

Remember this past presidential election? It sure seems as though a greater power was at work. I canít help but imagine two distinct scenarios, however. What if fewer Christians and Bush supporters had visited the polls? We would have President Al Gore. But, on the other hand, what if more Christians had voted in that election? We would have had much less turmoil and George Bush would have had a lot more support right from the beginning.

The moral decline of this society is reason enough to be sure that your voice is heard. God will ask you why you didnít protect His unborn babies and why you allowed the persecution of Christians if you allow this decline to continue. Vote, work the campaigns, and run for officeÖbe a voice.

Donít sit back and let unrighteous principles into the highest offices of this land. My candidate may lose, and my vote may not help enough, but the rights of the unborn, children and Christians will not suffer unprotested setbacks as long as I have a voice and a vote!