Who is the man of lawlessness in 2 Thess. 2?

This is another name for the antichrist. Notice that the context is rightbefore the Second Coming of Christ. Now look at the works of this man.

1. He exalts himself above all gods.
2. He will sit in the Temple and claim to be God.
3. He will be consumed by the Lord's coming.
4. He will be able to do powerful supernatural things.
5. He will deceive those who perish.

It doesn't take much study to find out who this guy is. There is only onebeing who fits all of the characteristics of a great deceiver who will ariseat the end of the world to deceive people with supernatural signs andwonders. This megalomaniac will also demand to be worshipped as God. Hehas many names, of which antichrist is the most popularly used. Here arejust a few others:

Daniel 8:23-26 The king of fierce features and sinister schemes
Daniel 9:26-27 The prince who is to come
Daniel 11:40 The king of the north Rev. 13:1-10 The beast (also in Rev. 19:19-20)