How will the Antichrist take over the world?

He will come upon the world scene offering peace to a very troubled world, according to Daniel, chapter 8. But, he will, through peace, destroy many people, the prophecy says.

Revelation, chapter 6, has him coming as the rider on the white horse. He has a bow in his hand, but has no arrows. This symbolizes that he has might but offers peace. This is deception because he is, by nature, a conqueror; the red horse of war will soon follow.This is the beginning of the campaign called Armageddon.

He will, no doubt, be the most attractive, charismatic world leader to appear on the world stage. He will come speaking great words that will mesmerize most people. Eventually, he will enslave most of the world with his mark and number system of transacting business. That same system will eventually cause all to worship him as God, or be killed.