Joseph Chambers, the head of Paw Creek Ministries, is proud to describe himself as being a "classical Pentecostal preacher." Dr. Chambers pastors a church in Charlotte, North Carolina, and he operates a two-hour radio program called "Open Bible Dialogue." In his commentary, he covers a wide range of topics, but one of his specialties is exposing false teachings in the Body of Christ. Joseph has produced several videotapes that expose the errors of the Word of Faith movement. He has also written more than 185 booklets that can be purchased from his ministry. His website can be found at:


1 Angels Overshadowing Jerusalem
2 Antichrist: A “Jesus Only” Manifestation
3 Church Without The Holy Spirit
4 The Confused World Of Paul And Jan Crouch
5 Eternal Security In Obedience
6 Jerusalem Shall be Trodden Down, Until…
7 Jerusalem, the Promised Land
8 Left Behind: Can You Still Be Saved?
9 Lying Wonders
10 The Ark Is About To Sail!
11 Saved After the Rapture; But, Oh, the Cost!
12 Tattoos & Body Mutilation
13 The Great Battle For The Rapture
14 True Biblical Holiness
15 Except Your Righteousness Exceed