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Armaggedon - The modern day Valley of Jezreel

Bethlehem & Nazareth - Two cities famous for their association with the life of Jesus.

Bethsaida - Located on the northeastern shore of the Sea of Galilee

Bet Shean - Located 16 miles south of the Sea of Galilee

Capernaum - Located at the northwestern shore of the Galilee Sea

Ceasarea - An ancient seaport that was founded by Herod the Great

Dead Sea - The lowest point on the earth

Fort Belvoir - The Crusader fortress of Belvoir

Galilee Area - The Sea of Galilee and the general area

Jerusalem - The city of cities; location of Jesus' millennial reign

Jerusalem: Model - What the city looked like around 30 AD

Jerusalem: Mount of Olives - The spot where Jesus will return

Jerusalem: Temple Area - The location of the future Third Temple

Jerusalem's Walls and Gates - The walls and gates that surround the old city of Jerusalem

Masada - Desert fortress that took Roman soldiers two years to penetrate.

Megiddo - This city is where the term Armaggedon comes from

Northern Israel - Points of interest in the north

Southern Israel - Points of interest in the South

Various Topics - Photos of general interest