This page was created to allow you folks an opportunity to read the same thought provoking information I receive everyday. Because whether or not an e-mail is from someone that agrees with me or disagrees, I will post their comments. The only e-mails I won't add to this web page are ones that use profanity or are way too long. 


Feb 19

Dear Todd:

Just wanted to send a note letting you know what a great website you have. I have bookmarked the majority of the most-read prophesy sites on the Internet, and yours consistently has updates, and the sharing of news, ideas, God-inspired dreams, visions, etc. I like this because it lets me know I am not alone, and that so many good believers are staying centered in their faith and fearing nothing. Our God is an awesome God!

I am living proof that God does want ALL to be saved. He calls us according to His purpose and I thank Him daily that He did not forget me, even thought I certainly forgot Him.

You see, I was raised in a Christian home, accepted Jesus as my Savior, but fell away during college. It’s a pretty typical story: I got too smart to believe - and this happened at a Christian college! Moreover, I became a lesbian. For nearly 27 years, I wasted myself in a series of dead-end relationships and was laboring under strong delusion that I was harming no one, was a good person, and deserved to have my sin codified and protected by law. I sent money to gay & lesbian political organizations, participated actively in the lesbian subculture, and voted Democratic. I thoug ht of myself as a patriotic American – only just “different.”

I also believed that we all go somewhere after we die. Even Einstein believed in life after death because energy is never destroyed. Matter may convert to energy, but energy goes on. I had a belief that I would go to Heaven because I felt I was a “good person.”

When 9/11 happened, I recalled a book I read while I was in college, given to me by a friend. It was Hal Lindsey’s Late Great Planet Earth. As the early days of our War on Terror unfolded, I began to see how everything started to line up either on the side of Good or the side of Evil. So much of what I remember reading in Hal’s book seemed to be happening, including the part about how people will be decapitated. My lesbian partner and I watched the news every day, and we were both horrified at how many of our high-profile Democrat and gay “heroes” blamed the U.S. for what happened. As time went on, each of us started to have a softening of our hearts towards those on the so-called Religious Right, who seemed to be the only voices of clarity about our enemies.

One day, I dusted off my Bible and announced to my partner that I was going to read it all the way through. I had read the Bible before, but never all of it – only bits and pieces. It should come as no surprise that those who criticize Christians the most are those who cobble together their distorted views based on Bible quotes taken out of context bolstered by wrong theory. Most have never ready the Bible from start to finish with an open mind. My purpose in doing so was much like the one expressed by W. C. Fields, who read the Bible while in the hospital near the end of his life. A friend asked him why he was reading it and he responded, “I’m looking for loopholes.” I wanted to settle in my mind once and for all, that my chosen lesbian life was alright and that I would go to Heaven when I died.

When I read the unequivocal condemnation of homosexuality in both the Old and New Testaments, I said to my partner, “what if this is right?” I decided that living the sin of lesbianism was just not worth losing my eternal soul. Within a few weeks I became fully persuaded the Bible is the unerring Word of God, and asked Jesus to take me back. My partner did the same. I led her daughter to Christ, and she, in turn led her Father to Christ just months before he died of cancer. Today, we are all practicing Christian believers, praying and reading our Bibles daily and looking u p because our “redemption draweth near."

To those who post attack e-mails about your website, I can only feel pity and pray for them. I once believed as they do. But my God is a faithful God. He did not lose me. He took me back. I challenge you non-believers to read the Bible with a truly open mind. Don’t be afraid! You may just discover that the sins you think you enjoy are not worth losing your eternal soul.

Yours in Christ, PJ

[Not quite sure what this gentleman was trying to say:]

you teach flase doc. u will go hell for that matt 13 you taer

how you get rep trabulation ever one no ther only one god dont do things buy pre he does in full that be like saying he answer prays pre lol haha but and say jesus is god what about rev1:1 and john2:26 deu18:15-20 john17:3 acts2:22

jesus chrsit was messiah god was in him acts2:22 acts10:38 not god

I have enjoyed your website over theyears since I stumbled across it looking for articles on the rapture. Many times it saddens me to read how there so many who so anti-christian, or who have such warped view of what Christianity is all about.

A friend came to me the other day saying how she was finding some interest in the emerging church movement. Since I live in South America it was a term that I wasn't familiar with so I started to do some research on it, and so far I am finding it troubling as there some aspects of it that seem to . . . well, seem to come from the pit of hell. I can admit that there are some aspects of it that would help the church in how we treat others, but there is some teachings that I find very troubling. In one particular article one of the proponents of this movement has pretty much said that hell does not exist, that it would seem unloving of God to allow a finite being to suffer for all eternity. That is just one example, but there other leaders who bring in "Christian Yoga" in to the youth groups, or having a labyrinth set up for a prayer sanctuary, or finding common ties with Islam. I am wondering if you have done any research on it. From the articles that I have found it doesn't look good.


You have a great website. I check it every day as soon as I can. I am a Saved Spirit filled Christian and I see your hard work as the Best news I can have to start my day. PLEASE keep up the good work. I pray the Good Lord will bless you and your work.

Watching and Waiting for His return

Those people who wrote hate mail to you will have a very rude awakening. Everything on this website is true. Don't ever get discouraged. The word is very true and those who do not believe in it will one day believe, but it will be to late. This is the best website on the net. Those who disagree with you are really stupid. I'm pretty sure that they support the democrats who are trying to destroy marriage and this great nation. There is nothing that you say is wrong. They'll realize the truth when me ,you , and other believers go poof. We are on the winning side. We may loose some battles but we will not loose the war. Those who don't like your website should not even be allowed the freedoms of this country. If the democrats take charge in 08 then freedom will be threatened and the threats will be carried out. Most of all we need to pray for those who don't understand. May God bless you and keep up the good work.
Hi Todd,

The Word is precise when it says about Israel to other nations and peoples: " I will Bless those who Bless you and I will curse those who curse you".

The USA is now under a curse because of the brokered Land for Peace Treaties under the Clinton administration. Please look at the timelimes and events of The Twin Towers attack and The hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

The West Bank and Goan Heights are shortly going to be given over to the Palestinians. Right after this event happens the USA will suffer the most devistating event the USA has ever encountered. The USA may never fully recover from this event and also will become vulnerable to be taken over by foreign nations. In any event you will not recognize the USA as it currently exsists. Jews in the USA will be enprisoned first, then the Christains will follow shortly thereafter into 600 camps which are readied and will be armed by Multinational Military Police which are actually already here or soon to arrive. They will be wearing USA uniforms but they are not Americans. There weapons are here in waiting as well as their uniforms and boots, which are already broke in. In essence the USA will fall as a nation. There are many traitors in high places of goverment. In Mount Rainier National Forest you can find Do Not Tresspass sign of the United Nations. The signs read... DO NOT TRESSPASS Property of The United Nations.

Can this event change... Possibly but, only when the USA gets behind Israel in full support militarily, spiritually, economically and any and alls ways supporting Israel to recover their lost lands through these faulty Land for Peace Deals.

Our national borders have holes in them and will continue to have holes in them because of some wicked and dirty senators and congressmen making profits from illegal drugs entering the USA. These individuals have direct links to cartels who pay these officials with gifts and hard cash. Our own border patrol and Guardsman are ordered to stand down when they encounter these people. The holes in our borders are also allowing terrorists (Hezbollah) to enter with The Illegals, which most of them just want a better life here in the USA. These Illegals are going to wish they just stayed in their own land, after the Globalists get done with the USA what they want to accomplish.

Pray for the USA and especially Israel.

Give Glory to our God, Jesus Christ for He shall Live and Reign for ever and ever AMEN!

There is absolutely no doubt that you and your co-conspirators will NEVER see heaven. You will spend the rest of your pitiful lives waiting for something that is NEVER going to happen. You should kill yourself ASAP because it is Christians and your partners in crimes against humanity, the Muslims and Jews, that are undeniably responsible for everything from prostituting young peoples mind to the World Trade Center disaster. You dislike Islam yet underneath you are exactly the same. You are as hollow as the O in God yet claim to have great substance. Lies, lies, lies Haven't you noticed that through all mans existence, the greatest atrocities are always in the name of gods or religions? If your Devil is the master of all trickery, has it ever occurred to you that the greatest trick he could ever play is posing as Jesus Christ! That's exactly what is happening! You are worshipping the Devil and you don't even see it. You are nothing more than a terrorist. RELIGION ENDANGERS THE LIVES OF BILLIONS...STOP THE MADNESS!!!
Dear Todd, Wow. I just want to say wow. I've been a frequent visiter of this site for about a year and 1/2 now and am always amazed at the things that I continually see on this site. I always learn something new. Especially when I read the study of Revelation that was put together. The word of the Lord has always been truly amazing to read. Everytime I read it just jumps out at me and just makes me happy to the point to where i'd start laughing or have an "ah ha" moment where I realize an answer to a problem or just understand something more. I'm suprised that I havn't sent you an email sooner expressing just how much of a blessing this website is to us all. If only people would one ,take the time to seek God through His word they'd understand life so much more. It always awe's me when the topic of the rapture comes up and people dont know what it is or even for that matter what Revelation is about, but only knows what someone else tells them. Sorry about rambling, anyways I wanted send you this article that I found the other day about a new marriage law Homosexuals want to be passed to justify them being able to get married. I wanted to send it to you just incase you did not have it already.
Just a note to encourage you to continue and not give up. Raptureready is priceless! I visit several times a week, have learned much relating to Bible prophecy and have been able to acess other valuable sites. Thank you for this wonderful tool that keeps us aware of the times we're living in to prepare us for the coming of our Lord. I pray that God will continue to richly bless and keep you!
I want to thank you for this website. I became a Christian a little over a year ago and I just can't get enough of God's word and I am so looking forward to the Rapture. I have learned so much from reading the different topics. I can't wait to read the daily news every morning. I have used some of what I have learned from your website to witness to my family and friends. I am so sorry that you have to get email from people that don't believe and criticize you for the information that you are trying to get out to the world before it is to late. I will pray for you and your family and hope to meet you when Jesus comes to take us home soon. God Bless You
I read your commentary all the time and I appreciate the time and effort that you put in to it. My only disagreement with you is the timing of the rapture which I have expressed to you before. That is beyond the scope of this thought. I thought you might want to make a commentary about the internet itself. You are much more of an expert on this than I am. I am in a small business and I have noticed something that all business have noticed. The internet now rules over all business. It used to be that we just fed our data to a personal computer. Then we fed our data to a network. Now every business of any size feeds all its data to the internet to be manipulated in some way. It occurs to me that very soon the person or persons that control the internet will control all commerce. This is world wide phenomenon. This is from the mom and pop shop up to Wal Mart or Exxon. All data is now fed to the internet and business cannot be done without the internet. This is how I believe control of the world economy can take place.....he who controls the internet will control all commerce very soon.
Jan 15
When past empires controlled Israel and occupied any of its land, I do not believe they had the slightest idea of the risk they took by involving themselves with this people. In a similar manner I suspect our occupation of Iraq (part of Biblical Israel extended to the Euphrates) at a time when we are also apt to support a Middle East Peace Treay makes us no different from Rome of old. It may be this is what tips the balance of judgment against the US and leads to our judgement at a time when even the kingdom of the antichrist initially avoids the same judgment.
I suppose we're stuck with Pat's imbecility, like we were with Oral Robert's, until the Lord puts a stop to it. Is there a dementia particular to people of power? If so, religious people of power are not immune. I recall Pat drumming over and over in his early days about the test of a true know, 100% accuracy....

Maybe Pat's people are feeding him an 'all the news you said would happen' daily paper. Did you watch his video of himself 'pressing' 2,000 lbs? It would seem they have made some weights for him, so why not a 'paper'?

It seemed for awhile his son was going to take over the biz like Graham's son did, but the love of the limelight is too great I guess. God took Billy out of the picture with his Parkinson's and his wife's illness, knowing that old men can be tempted beyond their capacity by things they had the strength for in their youth. God has love for Billy, and has refused to tempt him past his strength. I guess that says where Pat and Oral stood with God in another way. They tried to be all things to all Fame...instead of concentrating on being one thing for God, like Graham. When they were taken up to the High Hill to over-look the World...they appear to have said: "Awesome! Where do I sign??" They and so many others. So sad.

But we do have a template now to see the difference between God-led evangelists in modern life and Fools-for-Fool's-Gold. A useful thing in itself. And though it seems like many are lost because of this, only fools are, and they are easily lost by many means. Remember that many are fooled, and even the elect would be except for the hedge put around them by God. God isn't afraid of being mocked, and He says what will happen to those who do: "Your works in My Name mean nothing. I never knew you."

The man in the Torah who steadied the Ark and died was in that position because the people failed to follow God's instructions on how to carry the Ark from place to place. One man died because people as a whole thought God was a bit "dim" and didn't grock wagons. Thought their ancestors were thickies from the desert and couldn't noodle it out. Forgetting they were urban sophisticates from Egypt being led by a Royal Prince. Ego is always fatal.

Don't be embarrassed by Pat or anyone like that. They aren't of the Communion of Saints, and those who are called by God will find Him despite Pat and his ilk. Just keep giving your witness, and let God sort it all out. Pat's behavior is a great parable to use to explain the True Walk With God to those who seek Him. God can use anything Satan tosses out to illustrate The Kingdom. And those looking for an excuse to give God the finger will find one with or without Pat.

All things are used by God to the Healing of the World, even Pat Robinson. God knows His field has Tares, we wheat shouldn't be upset by them.

Hi just read the eu re 666 that i think you have very almost maybe true very good seen on anti-c p-ics on the apostate net work good but holes you can drive a ta througth it thats a pontiac the thing it works fast will the UN come to babylon from the Us in our time .
I find it interesting that a substance whose primary use is a component in the triggering mechanism in nuclear weapons, which is useful for less than 6 months before it must be replaced, was used to murder a man when a switch blade could have done the same job without contaminating half of Europe. Could it be that this was an accident and this accusation against Putin is a smoke screen? Maybe there are weapons which are just waiting on replenishment of their triggers to be used. Maybe the people who control those weapons are getting them ready to use. Maybe if the ISG recommendations to sellout Israel are implemented the judgement will begin.
My name is xxxxxx, I know the Lord again now I walk away from him about ten years ago and I move back to my hometown in Brockville Ontario Canada. My father is a minister. My Dad had been praying for a long time for my sister and her family who don't know the lord and my wife and our family. Well this is what happen, my dad ask my wife if our boys could start going to church with him, this was about a 1 year a half ago. Then my wife want to go so she started going and so did I but I was playing church just to make her happy. She got saved and I was still playing church till one night she made steak and I choke on a piece of it and I knew that I wasn't going to heaven. So I did a 360 degree change in my life. I am living for the lord now and I am going to be starting to preach at our church so my first sermon is going to be on rapture. I know that Jesus is coming soon and I came upon your website and I am amazed for what I read so far. I have told people at work to come see what I have seen here.

Thank you for letting me give my testimony

Todd My name is Milica and I'm from Sydney Australia. I've been reading the Nearing Midnight articles for a some time now. This weeks comment on the "fate of American Dollar being unrecognised by the general public" was a spot on observation of man's spiritual condition.

It's not just the inability to see specific economic dangers looming over our nations. The general public cannot see the spiritual future of our nations. The moral decay, the devaluation of human life and the fast descent into lawlessness.

I won't preach to the converted as you & I both know what is to come for the whole world. I just pray for God's mercy as we head for the Tribulation Time & all that will follow. I hope for Jesus' return to be soon. I also pray for spiritual eyes & ears for everyone Saved & not Saved so that we are able to cling onto the only hope we have "Jesus".

I'm not sure when the rapture will be but I know it will be only at God's timing not Man's. My hope is that it will precede the Tribulation because I have a hard enough time watching the world and all the woes that have come upon it now, let alone when the Tribulation Time comes.

Thanks for your articles I appreciate them as they certainly help me understand the current events from a Biblical perspective.

Hi Todd,

I just would like to thank the Lord for your ministry. It's such a great help in keeping in touch with the God's prophetic plans depite sad reality of man's wickedness.

For those who send hate email to you, my prayers are with you and for them; hoping that you will be covered from satan's temptation to fight back and that for them to realize that one day the very thing that they hate about you/us christians will bring them back to the Lord.

I know it might be painful reading it the same way that it saddens me to read those things hurled against you, but what can I say, blessed are those who curse you,hate you, and many other degrading treatment you received all in Jesus name,it just proves that you are indeed a genuine christian and God's favor is with you.

keep up the good work brother, my heartfelt thanks for your many sacrifices to keep this site on the go.

your brother in Christ

The following is a series of prophecies unlocking some biblical quests on the book of Revelation and some end-times prophecies given and told by the Spirit of God through me for the past months and years. I was under tremendous heaviness of mind for keeping these words to myself so I’ve made up my decision to let the world know, as directed by the Spirit of God. May God open up your mind and spirit to His truths for the benefits of all His people. Wherever you are, God bless you.

“My son, the Iraqi war is the window to World War III, it’s more than a quagmire to the US and it’s allies. You will see them sending troops to North Korea as preparation for another great war is looming. But this time it won’t happen as they plan as China will rise up and get into action. When they prepare for this war, the US will suddenly be hit by nuclear devices as they stand vulnerable after almost all of their armies are deployed out around the world! The nuclear attack will first be seen as an industrial accident but the Russians are behind the attack! Not only this, you’ll see the chemical and the biological attacks follow up in the streets and the buildings as well”

“The US economy will definitely slump to the all-time low as the result of this nuclear attack and the whole world will be affected as well, plus the fear will be seen everywhere. Their banks have run out of money and full of debts as wars prolong. At the same time, China will rise up to the stage of a Super-power, with the strength in economy, politic and security, taking over the US”

“My son, you are witnessing the historical greatest weather changes around the globe as the result of a passing planet. This planet, as the scientists call ‘Planet – X’ or ‘The 12th Planet’, is a rocky planet, measured at 4 times larger than the size of the Earth. It will pass through near to the Earth’s axis, causing the Earth to tilt and thus you’ll see more and more earthquakes, volcano blows, tsunamis and high tides. Three days without sunlight and the world will be in a mess. Famines, diseases, accidents will claim 2 billion of lives! New continents will rise up at the Pacific Ocean and many places will be covered under water”

Dec 11
Holiday Greetings

For My Democrat Friends

Please accept with no obligation, implied or implicit, my best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low-stress, non-addictive, gender-neutral celebration of the winter solstice holiday, practiced within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion of your choice, or secular practices of your choice, with respect for the religious/secular persuasion and/or traditions of others, or their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions at all. I also wish you a fiscally successful, personally fulfilling and medically uncomplicated recognition of the onset of the generally accepted calendar year 2007, but not without due respect for the calendars of choice of other cultures whose contributions to society have helped make America great. Not to imply that America is necessarily greater than any other country nor the only America in the Western Hemisphere. Also, this wish is made without regard to the race, creed, color, age, physical ability, religious faith or sexual preference of the wishee.

By accepting these greetings, you are accepting the aforementioned terms as stated. This greeting is not subject to clarification or withdrawal. It is freely transferable with no alteration to the original greeting. It implies no promise by the wisher to actually implement any of the wishes for herself/himself/others, and is void where prohibited by law and is revocable at the sole discretion of the wisher. This wish is warranted to perform as expected within the usual application of good tidings for a period of one year or until the issuance of a subsequent holiday greeting, whichever comes first, and warranty is limited to replacement of this wish or issuance of a new wish at the sole discretion of the wish.

For My Republican Friends

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and GOD Be With You!

Your webpage is a tool of satan and God will not forgive you for your sins. You are destroying his world with your lies and filth. Its sick that you would go so far as to say The Lord would Vote republican! you seem to enjoy putting word sin other people's mouths dont you? Your sick religious views are the result of brainwashing, not 'faith' and im sure u are one of those sick people who goes to the disgraceful evangelical churches where some fat ***** winds the congregation up and people cry and run around the room and speak in tounges!
Dear Todd, I very much look forward to and enjoy the weekly "Nearing Midnight" column. God Bless You!
Is there a way to resolve the Iranian nuclear issue. It would seem the politicians or the news media don't think so accept to keep on talking to them. The Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmaddinejad. has been compared to Hitler for his remarks about the Jewish people and Israel. He is actually much more dangerous then any other leader has ever been. Hitler, Napolean and the others had two very different goals; survival and becomming the ruler of the world. Ahmaddinejad doesn't claim to want to live or rule the world. His goal is to bring about wwIII and the return of the Madhi, the Muslim messiah. Does Ahmaddinejad hold all the cards and is the west facing a catch-22? What you don't hear on Fox News or CNN is a key component to Ahmaddinejad's arrogance. Why does Russia, besides the oil, not want any sanctions imposed on Iran? It is a little known treaty between Iran and Russia where Russia guarentees they will come and defend Iran if Iran is attacked. So, you have two scenarios. The first is the world talks and talks and talks until Iran gets nuclear wepaons, which they may already have, and Iran launches a couple of nukes at Tel Aviv and Haifa. Israel would certainly respond and that would bring Russia into it and you have WWIII. The second scenario is that the U.S. and or Israel does a preemptive strike against Iran's nuclear facilities, which will kill Russia's scientist working at these sights and will also force Russia, via the treaty, to come in and defend Iran. Either way you have WWIII. The terrifying part of this is that this seems to be what Ahmaddinejad wants and if it brings back the Madhi, he doesn't care if he is killed or all of Iran is destoyed in the process. It truly is a catch-22 for the west and the fulflillment of Ezekiel 38
Todd, Can anyone show me where Jesus said to go out and kill everyone who doesn't believe they way we believe. Or hate everyone who doesn't believe the way we believe. Also, where does it say to hate or kill homosexuals? I have never found it. Jesus said to PRAY for your enemies. We are taught to hate the SIN not the person, but to PRAY for the person that they may overcome the sin. It leaves me baffled when people say things like Christianity is prejudice, racist, and the cause of millions of deaths. Its not Christianity that is the cause or endorses these things it is people disguised as Christians, i.e. false prophets, and do things like this in the name of Christ. But if you know the words of Christ and the words in the bible than you know that being a Christian has nothing to do with prejudice, racism, or killing. I find that the accusers in the emails that rapture ready receives are actually afraid. They are afraid because they don't know Christ as their personal savior. Nor do they understand the bible because they haven't read it themselves or have never been to any kind of bible studies. Its sad. But as Christians we must keep praying for these people, even though it hurts to read or hear the negative things that are said about our God. But of course, we can pray, it is their choice to choose the world or choose God. Concerning the Jews. Those people, including Christians who are in denial, who are turning against the Jewish people and want to blame them for the troubles in the Middle East need to wake up and smell the coffee. Even when I was a young Christian I could see that the Jewish people are God's people and will be forever. Not were, but are! I have found nothing to contradict this that stands up to the test. So, we as Christians better be praying for the Jewish people in a positive way or some of us will have a rude awakening.
You speak on behalf of dead people, thats sick... especially when u are so dumb to realise that the numbers of christians around the world are diminishing while beatles albums are still selling strong! also, your page on what mansions people can expect to live in when they get to heaven is an abomination! U have no right to tell people something that u have absolutely NO idea even exists.....
Hello Mr. Strandberg,
I read several articles on your site In the text "Understanding truth" the writer, I dont know if it was you, wrote: "I've searched the internet and book libraries for commentary on truth, and have found very little instruction on how to find it." You try to help people, this time let me help you: to find a way to finding thruth read some books about philosophy (from Hume to Habermas) in general and cognitive science in particular. Especially I recommend "The Logic of Scientific Discovery" from Karl Popper and everything else from this author. In this books you will not find the truth itself, you will learn a way of thinking which will lead you a clearer view on the world. You will learn to devide what can be recognised and what not. And what is reasonable to belive in.
Nov 13
Todd, Keep up the good work! I was going to say I was surprised at some people's email responses sent in (such anger), but then it's not really all that surprising. I once thought that I'd see the evilness of the times coming like a tidal wave, only now I'm just realizing that the water has crept up to my neck and I was too busy looking for the tidal wave. I have no idea how deep it will get or if it will ebb and come back even deeper. I get so used to hearing about crime, wars, and what our culture says is good, that I fail to realize how bad things really are. The sounds of our times is covering the approaching hoof beats, but those who are watching will put their ear to the ground and hear them. God bless you and your ministry.
I read some of the emails people have sent you and am really saddened for those who don't understand the Biblical view point. To send you a list of famous people who reject the Bible is pointless unless you believe in the humanistic perspective that "man can save the world." Can a cyclist or an actor save the world? I doubt it. Or for the 39-yr-old atheist who says that he never met an atheist that is hostile toward God when his very email proves his hostility is sad. Sad because he doesn't even see it.

Everybody in this world has a "religion' whether they admit it or not. We as Christians have to remember that there are essentially only 2 world perspectives. You are either a theist or a humanist. You either worship the creator or worship the created. If you choose to worship the created whether it is man, a tree, or t.v.-that is your religion. But if you know that there must be a creator (God) behind the created (man) then you are a theist. When we as Christians choose God instead of man then, of course, humanistic men rebel because they essentially want to take God's place, which is what Satan tried to do.

I pray for the people that don't understand the message of the gospel. Before I was saved the Bible sounded foolish to me too. But when you understand the message of the entire Bible-that God gave us the Ten Commandments as a mirror that points to our sins (Old Testament), and that Jesus (who is God) came to take away our sins if we repent of them and put our trust in Him (New Testament). It is a beautiful message!

Although I may not agree with some of the things you say on your web-page, or even fully agree with your view of the rapture (although I do believe there will be a rapture), I consider you my brother -in-Christ because you are a believer and respect the work you are doing. May God keep you focused on the truth and bless you indeed.

Your sister-in-Christ,

dear intolerant american scum

who can you base your ideas of worship on a book that is so contradictory. your idea of faith is disgusting and wrong. you are pathetic. obviously the people who wrote the bibel wrote the fact the there god told them to do it. i mean christ why dont you belive in somthing with a little more grounding like buddhism yours most sincerly and under the buddhas love ned

Hello Bro. Terry, You probably don't remember me, but it's your complaining friend, I got out of the Navy. I on a regular basis sent e-mails to you while I was in the Navy about my purity and all sorts of stuff that was going on in my life. Well a lot has changed since then. I currently attend Providence Baptist College in Elgin, IL, but more importantly. I got saved July 5, 2006 @ 11:04 P.M. I was never saved at all. My testamony kept changing and I could never remember any conviction of sin back in 1997 when I thought I did get saved. I was studing 1 Corinthians 9-12 I read 9:2 and last 5 words were are ye in the Lord. It was talking about Pauls apostleship, but those words were confusing me I literally couldn't read any further I just kept reading those 5 words, I didn't picture a period but an ? Then I realized I wasn't saved and that I was still damned to hell. I walked round the college then it hit me if I die right now I'll go to hell. I went to the front desk and called my bus captain, and asked to talk with him. I went up to his house, we have dorm rooms and family apartments he just graduated in May, and I told him what I just told you so he lead me to the Lord. I know that I know that I know that I'm going to heaven when I die it was so different now that I am saved it is great. Just within the last 2 weeks I've given 5 gospel presentations, I've been struggling with it for a while, and invited a mom and her son to the bus route the mom and son got saved yesterday the mom also got baptised, and out of the 5 gospels I've goten out 3 of them got saved, I'm bearing fruit. It is so great leading people to the Lord Jesus. I can't believe God would use a vile, wicked person like myself to lead people to himself and use me in the way that he is. I just want to do so much more for him and bring Glory and honour to his holy name.
Do we really care about the church?

Are we willing to voice an unpopular view in order to stand upon the Word of God. The answer, for the most part is sadly,"no".

In the last few years there has been a great war behind the scenes in the Christian community which is spilling over into all areas these days. Apostasy has become a tidal wave, and the number one attacked doctrine is the True doctrine of the pre-tribulational rapture of the church.

Does one have to be an expert is eschatology in order to be saved? No, of course not. Is it possible to be confused about the timing of the rapture and still be saved? Of course it is! Most people are not experts.

There are those of us who have felt led to pour over End Times studies. I felt a calling on my life beginning in 1997. At that time I was saved, and in the Hands of Jesus, but I was very uninformed. I began a journey I never expected to take, one which would lead me to discover some vital factors we all need to know.

While I am sure there are saved people in all Christian churches due to the Holy Spirit, I am also sure that many of these people are being robbed of our Blessed Hope, Our Lords return to catch up His bride. When I began my journey I really did not understand the differences in the denominations within the church. I had a willingness to learn, so the Lord taught me.

I began to wonder how Christians could be so divided on the issue of the rapture, how could we be filled with The Holy Spirit and not be in agreement with one another. The Holy Spirit would not tell some of us one thing, and others of us something entirely different.

I noticed that Christians who practice Replacement Theology also teach a post-trib rapture. This includes the Catholic church as well as some Protestant denominations, and all cults which teach the Latter Rain theology.

As I studied and discussed these issues over the last few years, I was stunned that Christians could abandom Israel and side with those opposed to her. God loves Israel with an everlasting love, and He is going to destroy those who destroy Israel. Facts are facts.

How is it possible for a Christian to adhere to Replacement Theology? God showed me a fact which can not be ignored.

It all begins with the cross.

In my research I have found that Replacement Theology teaches a works+faith Salvation, so does the Catholic church, and some other Protestant denominations. These are they who form the post trib rapture position.

Works+faith denies the cross, to deny the cross is to deny Christ Himself. Jesus, God the Son, paid our debt in full upon the cross. If being tourted, crusified, and having the wrath of God poured out upon Him in our place was not enough, then nothing ever could be, period. How could any Christian believe that our Lords Sacrifice was not enough? Yet, this is exactly what works+faith teaches.

Churches which promote the post-trib rapture believe that the church will be refined and purified during the tribulation. I would ask why? The Bible says we are already washed whiter than snow by the Blood of Christ. Did Jesus pay our debt of sin or not? If He did, then we will have no part in the tribulation.

These same churches also teach Replacement Theology. Their post-trib view takes the promise of purification and restoration given to Israel by God, and transfers it to the church.

Thirdly, these churches do not preach the cross, which is Salvation by faith alone in Christ alone and not of works. These churches teach that it is baptism or rituals which brings us Salvation, NOT Christ's finished work upon the cross.

These churches teach false doctrine.

In the Bible we are told that false teachers are those who profess Christ with their mouth, but they are not born again. It is easy to put two and two together.

Romans 8:9 - But ye are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his.

Romans 8:14 - For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.

Jude 1:19 - These be they who separate themselves, sensual, having not the Spirit.

There are two kinds of "Christians", those with the Spirit and those without the Spirit, God's Word teaches us this fact. The only way to have His Spirit within you is to be born again. You can't be born again unless you understand that Grace is by faith alone in Christ alone and not of works.

It is impossible for a born again believer to stand against Israel because God LOVES Israel.

When I presented this carefully to one post-trib believer, he told me it was actually pre-tribbers who denied the Lords finished work upon the cross. His reasoning was that after the "so called" pre-trib rapture, the cross was no longer good enough for those "left behind" because they now had to overcome by their works!

My reply to him was that if the pre-trib rapture were not true, then we would all have to overcome by our works, not just those who were left behind.

Did this guy not see what he just typed? It makes me heartsick.

1 John 4:2 - Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God:

What does it mean to believe that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh. If we deny that His Sacrifice was enough, do we really "believe in Christ"?

The person who really and truly loves you is the one who will shoot straight with you.

So, is ones view of eschatology a Salvation issue? No, but ones view of the cross IS a Salvation issue. The churches which teach a post-trib rapture also teach works+faith, it is easy to connect the dots.

Should we care enough to tell people the truth, or should we be afraid of offending, and say nothing?

Jude 1:3 - Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.


I just wanted to tell you that your site is extremely beneficial and to encourage you and Terry in your ministry. I check your site every day at work, mostly for the current news but I also enjoy some of the articles. Your site helps keep me focused on Christ's return and it is encouraging to know that I am not alone in my anticipation.

I must say that though I respect you guys for posting the negative emails, they bother me greatly. I can't help it bu they make me mad, sad and flabbergasted. Please tell me you respond to some of these who consider us "hate mongers" and "crazies". My heart goes out to them and it just seems like the perfect opportunity to give them what might be their one and only dose of the Truth. It does seem ironic that we are referred to as "unthinking" when most of the drivel in those emails is obviously from someone who has little or no correct information regarding what we belive and who Christ is.

Anyways, again I just wanted to encourage you guys. See you on the other side!

Some verses that talk of this 2,000-year period. Let’s read what the prophet Hosea told us: Hos 6:1-2 Come and let us return to Jehovah. For He has torn, and He will heal us; He has stricken, and He will bind us up. After two days He will bring us to life; in the third day He will raise us up, and we shall live in His sight. Since we know a day represents 1,000 years as Peter clearly stated: 2Pe 3:8 But, beloved, let not this one thing be hidden from you, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. We notice that Peter did not say, a day is as a week or a year rather, a day is as a thousand years, now we are told by the prophet Hosea, who is speaking to the Jews, that God will bring them back to life 2,000 years after they rejected Christ "after two days." And in the third millennium, they will live in His sight, which is to say they will live in the millennial reign of Christ "in the third day …we shall live in His sight." Israel had rejected Jesus 2,000 years ago (lunar years of 360 days) and now is a nation waiting to be spiritually brought back to life, and it will happen when they finally believe that Jesus is indeed the Messiah.

The year is 2006 – 33years = 1973years x 365days = 720145days ÷ 360days = 2,000 lunar years. If you take the year 2006 and subtract 33 years it equals 1973 years multiplied by 365 days equals a total of 720145 days, divide them by 360 days (which represents a lunar year) and you get a total of 2,000 years after the crucifixion of Our Lord when Israel rejected them. Mat 27:25 Then all the people answered and said, Let His blood be on us and on our children. With this we can conclude that the Rapture can happen any day now!

Oct 2

I happened across your site, while searching rapture lit. I have to say that I was pleasently suprised at the wealth of information you have posted. I looked through some of the info and have yet to find anything heretical or not in alignment with the AUTHORITY...the Word of God. Please keep up the good work. I'm sure to return for info to use in my ministry. Glory to God in the Highest. The Lamb, slain from the foundation of the world for our redemption. Thank you Jesus!
Hi Todd / Terry

In the weekly r.r. column you speculated on the last of the last days and whether we have arrived there. On the face of it, little deterioration in world events or any greater threat has emerged for some time, outside the ebb and flow that we are accustomed to. Now, Any one extraordinary circumstance doesen't necessarily have any direct significance to prophecy. But recently there's been an accumulation of no less than three pressing circumstances that have the potential to bear on the near-future, especially from a prophetic perspective. 1) Iranian president's apocalyptic zeal and his belief that he is to play a role in the coming of the 12th imam.
2) The very real threat of a nuclear attack inside the USA by al Qaeda
3) Extra-biblical claims (prophecy?) by a 12th century Irish bishop
(name?) concerning the 'last pope' and the possible linkage to the Antichrist and false prophet.

Each of these circumstances are a matter of speculation - we don't know whether they will have any future bearing on prophecy. For the moment while we wait, what is interesting is the convergence of these circumstances: It is highly possible these events can be realised in the very same time period. That is to say, a worst-case scenario featuring: a devastating terrorist attack on US soil far outweighing 9/11; an international showdown between Iran (or a greater part of the Arab world) and the West and Israel; and in the midst of this or sometime after, a Papal succession. In today's world it is still foreign to envisage this kind of scenario. We have reached an era of unprecedented chaos, but it's still difficult to imagine something on this level. Not only that, but acknowledging a threat of this magnitude makes the "end" of the end-times and the tribulation appear much closer. On the other hand, the post-rapture period and the Tribulation, will be marked by events of this nature as a matter of course. It has to start somewhere - but the unknown is whether there will be a sudden violent catalyst or a slow descent. Maybe another way to say it - are we prepared for a sudden unexpected jolt into the very-end times? Owing to the relatively stable world (in relative terms) that we are accustomed to, this possibility seems highly unlikely. It's easier to believe that much more has to deteriorate over a long period of time, and only then could we aknowledge the coming Tribulation. Whether or not we are in the very last days could be decided in the near future, when these events or maybe duds come up for expirery. The recent developments concerning these circumstances are:

-A recent call by a senior al Qaeda leader instructing Muslims to immediately leave the United States, and especially Washington and New York, in anticipation of a major terrorist attack involving nuclear weapons. - Recent successive messages by bin Laden inviting Americans to convert to Islam. It is speculated that this may have been issued as a "last opportunity" as a prelude to a major terrorist attack.

- The possibility of a pre-emptive strike against Iran by the United States or Israel. In a pessimistic snenario, Iran, having fully anticipated this, may use it as a launching pad to a standoff or even a war incorporating terrorist organisations. Recent Intelligence reports indicate that Hamas in the Gaza Strip has experienced major re-arming of late, possibly from Iran; that Syria may be preparing to invade the Golan Heights and possibly spark a conflagration with Israel. It's unknown whether these factors are interlinked with one another and centrally co-ordinated. (The extremely paranoid and speculative view may even explain that Iran has foreknowledge of an impending major terrorist atack on the USA and is factoring this into plans to attack Israel with the assistance of Hamas and Hezbollah).

What has become apparent in recent times, are the similarities between the Muslim 12th Imam and the future Antichrist. Iran's President Ahmanedijad in his UN speech underlined (unbeknown to him) these parallels when he foretold of the Muslim "Saviour". He describes this person as a divinely-appointed saviour who will rule the world for a period of seven years. In addition, Muslim belief holds that his "return" after a period of occultation will be preceded by a period of intense war against Islamic unbelievers. Significant is the way in which this expectation of the future can set the Muslim world up to complete deception by the future Antichrist. Whether this is destined to happen is unknown still. But these similarities, and the murky nature of belief that is Islam seem to make it surprisingly possible. If this will be the case, it suggests two things:

1) In addition to our knowledge of biblical prophecies, we could anticipate a major war of short duration but with many casualties, to precede the tribulation (I don't know if this ties up in any way with the horsemen of Relevation).

2) The false religion accompanying the antichrist's rule to incorporate Islamic beliefs. Correspondingly, European countries under the Empire's rule accepting the Antichrist as a messiah. It is biblically prophecied he will be a figure highly revered and extremely popular. It's possible this adoration would arise solely from the promise of peace to a world afflicted by war; but also by revived religiosity in Europe that sees him accepted as a Divine saviour. (I don't know if its also prophecied that he will arrive with the offer of peace, but if so it could reinforce the possibility of a major war preceding his rule, and in turn the Islamic connection to Europe and his empire.)

I think, possibly this is one of the first times that current events can be connected so directly to unfufilled prophecy. Perhaps that on its own is significant. But, We will only know in time what happens.

Dear Todd, It never ceases to amaze me how blind mankind can be to his own world. With all the conflicts and events taking place worldwide, there has never been a time in history when so many signs have pointed to the imminent return of Christ and yet there are thousands, probably millions, who choose to ignore what is plain to see. I am honored that the Lord would allow me to live in such a pivotal point in history. As for my thoughts on your site, I thank God that someone has taken the time to get the True Word out to the masses. I am so glad that on your site you tell it straight and don't get "churchy" or "religious," two things that, in my opinion, often dissuade people from finding the Truth. I also pray for those who "bash" this site. It saddens me to know that they may never know the Truth and will have to live an eternity knowing they missed out on the greatest gift we can ever receive. What a shock it will be when they find we have gone to be with God and they have been left behind. May God protect them from things to come and I pray they take the Second Chance He offers. Keep up the Good Work with this site so that many will take the First Chance and not have to see the Tribulation! Your Brother in Christ,
(The) following is a list of people who publicly and privately rejected as nonsense the fable we call the bible: Ben Franklin,Thomas Jefferson,John Adams,George Washington,Thomas Paine,Mark Twain,Charles Darwin (my hero-he was smarter than any 10 bible believers put together)Thomas Edison,Christopher Reeves(!),Lance Armstrong,Bill Gates,Dave Matthews,and Michael Crichton. Is it not time to either quit trying to run everyones lives through fear and lies or at the very least provide some proof that your bible is the work of a big scary sky-god who will send to hell everyone but you and the other nonthinkers including your born again president.i just wish anyone who believes these things would all get together and move somewhere far away and leave this wonderful world to those of us who use our gray matter.religion and especially christianity is the foulest of all mankinds creations.
You and your organisation and everyone who believes what you do should be commited to the nearest physciatric facility as soon as possible. It is insane to believe what you do and if you seek the advice of and good shrink you will be told the same. I don't believe for one moment that you and people who believe the same things about the end times that you do actually believe all this crap that you speil, I believe that you and others like you are money making bastards who profiteer off of moron Americans. For shame on you you satanist money worshiper, May you be dammed to burn in hell.
Mr. Strandberg, Hi, my name is Eric and I'm 15 years old. I wanted to ask what you thuought of a dream I had last night(Sept. 10). First off, though, I wanted to say I agree with you on the fact that I think the Rapture will be soon. In my dream, I saw Jesus Christ, but not his face, just his body, in white robes and sandals. There were a few other people around, and I remember one of their faces staring in awe. Jesus said he would return in 30 days for the Rapture. Also, I saw many eyes, and an animal covered in eyes. I know in Revelations chapter 4 it speaks of four living creatures covered in eyes. I want to say here that I did not read or hear anything about the Rapture the day before. I also want to say that I am not trying to be a prophet, I just want to understand what I saw. Any ideas?
I can totally understand the hate mail. I read the "Left Behind Series" and it gave me a wake up call. Then I read a Hal Linsey book and was slammed into reality. I mourned for over a month. Sitting in the back yard watching the birds, trees, noticing how green the grass was. Mourning the coming loss. This is the only home I have ever known and to realize its impending destruction is devastating. Above all, what about my unsaved family and friends.

And still I resisted going back to Church. I finally did and am grateful to RR and GraceThurFaith web site for helping me.

I am no scholar but I think one of the greatest problems people have is they believe what they prefer to be true. Whenever I bring prophesy up I am hearing "Well I believe...."

Thanks so much and hang in there with the hate mail. I'm pretty sure RR will be a blessing to those left behind. God will surely give you your hearts desire. Thanks for all your guidance. May God bless you greatly.

I thank God for your web site. I feel that I must be the only one looking up and watching, because suprisingly, not a whole lot of people are. I 'm one of those who watch the news and compare it to end time events and unless you're blind or just not paying attention, you know we are living on borrowed time and the rapture is about to happen any second. i do have a question. Will those who are not watching be left behind, event though they are saved?