A frog placed into a pan of water with a low flame under it will slowly be boiled alive, the temperature change being too small for the frog to notice. If we were to toss the frog into water thatís already boiling, the frog would leap out. This scenario is exactly what is occurring today with the breakdown of moral values. The bubbles from the boiling action are rising up all around us, and few people are realizing what is taking place.

The Following are Examples of Unnoticed Decay

    • The increasing number of filthy words being used in the movies and on television
    • NC-17 films charting at the top of the movie roster
    • People killing each other over minor conflicts
    • Individuals committing crimes and showing no remorse
    • Television talk shows featuring topics straight out of the gutter
    • Doctors helping people kill themselves
    • Ads for condoms promoting immoral acts
    • The topic of the occult being addressed in children's shows
    • The proliferation of psychic phone lines
    • The increasing number of gay characters appearing in prime time programs
    • People suing for trivial reasons
    • The meltdown of the legal system
    • The ending of rules requiring a family hour on television
    • The speed at which horrific murders are becoming old news
    • Smut magazines now being found on most newsstands
    • Gambling being legal in almost every state
    • Christian networks replacing their gospel programs with infomercials