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    Praise God! I was laid off in May and just got an offer from the same co. that let me go! Different position, different area/division but it will be the same salary! The only negative thing is that I was working from home before and this one is going to be over an hour drive each way and probably make it where I can't lead the Youth worship music any longer. But I am so thankful and I submit to whatever God's will is...
    It's funny, about being hired by the same company--they basically just gave me a TON of vacation days because they gave me Severance pay--- been paying my full salary since May!

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    to clarify: I lead the youth worship music for our youth service on Wed night at 7:00 and we practice at 6:00. So with a 9-6 schedule during training for 10 weeks I might barely make it to the service and after training, there's a good chance I'll be on a 10-7 schedule and definitely not make it. But I'm thankful that God gave me the opportunity to serve by doing this since April 2008 and that I will continue to serve in my local church in many ways---this Sun is my first one teaching Sun School--9th and 10th grade guys....

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    Praise the Lord! Give your concern to Him- He is more than capable to quickly solve this problem too!!! Congratulations!

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    Amen! Great news. Thanks for sharing.

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    Praise the Lord!!!

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    This is great news!!!

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