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Thread: Perry Noble gospel

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    slpmom3 Guest

    Default Perry Noble gospel

    I'm just wondering how many will not hear the truth in this clip after the joke about the cats....

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    Steven Guest


    I am just curious. Outside of the silly joke about cats, which was just silly. (I think we can use humor to break the ice) Where is the disagreement with Perry. He pretty much slammed dunked the gospel and probably offended half of his church with truth.

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    slpmom3 Guest


    And he does offend them Sunday, after Sunday, after Sunday. It is not a 'tickle your ears' church like people here keep saying. He slams them for tolerating sin, for not giving to missions (he even says, DON'T give to this church, just give somewhere), slams the members for sitting in the pews without getting involved, slams the members for not evangelizing, slams them for not knowing and searching the Bible. But also tells them of the joy of having Christ and doing His work. I don't get it either.

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