Did you heart hat pathetic toxic waste about how to live the Christian life? To become better people we should

1) Have a positive attitude toward ourselves- (because sin is so offensive...we all have such beautiful potential yaknow)

2) Develop better relationships..(but he fails to mention the only relationship that has the capability to produce change and better "us"es....Hmm...Jesus ...)

3) Embrace where we are: ( yes, and if we listen to him, we most likely are on the wide road leading straight to hell..how caring of him)

This man is dangerous. He may look innocent enough with his charm and blinding smile.. but he is a huge cause I am sure for the propagation of such a false and insidious gospel. It is the gospel of satan, lit on fire by hell itself. It sickens me. False security is what this man sells. But then again, wolves in sheep's clothing have to be good at that, don't they?