I can vouch this is true.

a lot of the seeker pastors, including a few in my town do B and C on twitter a lot.

the seeker pastors need to grow up and start acting like pastors and less like comedians or Dr. Phil



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In this article, John MacArthur asks why so few in the pulpit act as though false teachers are a reality today.

It takes just about five minutes following some of the celebrity pastors on Twitter to understand that they, and not Christ, are at the center of their ministries. MacArthur points out that jokes and personal anecdotes in sermons are the norm instead of Scriptural teaching.

Doctrine is out. Real preaching is out. Instead, you will find narcissistic little me-talks designed to reflect well on the pastor’s:

a.) sex life
b.) wit
c.) knowledge of popular culture

Jesus, when mentioned at all, is presented as a sort of cosmic Josh Groban.

He’s sweet, emotive, and gentle. He’s someone who lifts you up when you are weary and down.

He helps you walk on stormy seas. And it’s all because the incomparable you deserves that kind of spiritual support. Repentance, forgiveness of sins, a bloody cross, hell? Not likely.

The error alert level for churches should be a blazing red. Christ’s true church, the remnant, is coming out of the evangelical apostasy.

The Savior of Revelation 1 is a living reality to that true church–the Lord Jesus Christ who stands with blazing eyes, a sword coming out of His mouth and declares:

“I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death.”

–Revelation 1:18



(open letter video to the leaders and members of seeker-driven "churches"

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