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Thread: Aurora Mystery Solved?

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    ngraham Guest

    Default Aurora Mystery Solved?

    Or is it?

    Aurora Mystery Solved?

    On Jan. 20, 2010, Per-Arne Mikalsen was photographing a vast aurora erupting over the northern Norwegian town of Andenes.

    Because solar activity is on the increase, aurora spotters have many opportunities to see the Northern Lights. On this particular night the aurora was intense, stretching toward the southern latitudes of Norway.

    In one of the photographs taken by Mikalsen was an "object" that couldn't be identified. Although Mikalsen had taken several images at the same location, just one photo showed a mysterious green parachute-like object hanging with the main aurora. (This time, it appears that the Russian military was not involved in the making of this strange shape in the sky.)

    At first it seemed easy to dismiss the object as a lens flare or a spot on the camera lens, but after further study it became clear that the answer wasn't that simple.


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    4Godisjust Guest


    Interesting photo....satan is on the move...he knows his time is short....playing alien again, and people will believe it, hook, line and sinker....

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    alco Guest


    Is there a Christian scientist? One that dosent promote the big bang and all that. That articile was full of science balony that a civilized human would have to have a PHD to understand. Scientists and there astology........

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    JohnSays Guest


    Interesting stuff. They think it's a reflection off a satellite? They should try and figure out what satellite it could have been based on location and time.

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    drjoshua Guest


    Very thought provoking...

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