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Thread: 8.8 - Magnitude Quake Hits Chile *Merged*

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    (2 hours ago)

    President: Schools in Chile to remain closed until March 8.

    More than 2 million affected by earthquake, Chile's president says -

    Santiago, Chile (CNN) -- More than 2 million people were affected by a massive 8.8-magnitude earthquake that rocked Chile early Saturday, President Michelle Bachelet said in a televised news conference.

    At least least 214 people were killed in the quake and the resulting tsunami, which ravaged parts of the Chilean coast and fanned out across the Pacific Ocean.

    A large wave killed three people and 10 were missing on the island of Juan Fernandez, 400 miles (643 km) off the coast of Chile, said Provincial Governor Ivan De La Maza.

    On mainland Chile, the task of trying to save survivors and recover the dead was fully under way. Buildings lay in rubble, bridges and highway overpasses were toppled and roads buckled like rumpled paper. Mangled cars were strewn on several highways, many of the vehicles coming to rest on their roofs.

    "This is a major event. This happened near some very populated areas," said Randy Baldwin, a geophysicist with the U.S. Geological Survey. "With an 8.8 you expect damage to the population in the area."

    As the day unfolded, desperate relatives searched for missing loved ones. Many of the survivors took to the Internet to ask for help in locating relatives.

    "I'm from Colombia and I'm searching for my aunt," said one person on Twitter.

    The quake struck at 3:34 a.m. (1:34 a.m. ET) off the Pacific coast at a depth of nearly 22 miles (35 km) and about 60 miles (100 km) northwest of Chillan, Chile, the USGS said. Santiago, the capital, is 200 miles (325 km) northeast of the epicenter.

    At least 33 aftershocks were reported, including a 6.3-magnitude in Argentina.

    "There are really aftershocks like every hour," said Felipe Baytelman, speaking to CNN from Santiago.

    Chilean officials took to the airwaves to try to control any jitters.

    "We are asking everyone to stay calm, to be patient," Chilean President Michelle Bachelet told reporters after inspecting some of the damaged areas. "We assure everyone that emergency crews are working to resolve these issues."

    Bachelet declared areas of catastrophe, similar to a state of emergency, which will allow her to rush in aid. She said the town of Chillan -- which was destroyed by a killer quake in 1939 -- was one of the worst affected.

    Bachelet noted that two of the largest hospitals had suffered structural damage and patients were taken to other facilities. Other public institutions also were affected.

    The military was coordinating the transfer of patients to hospitals, said Undersecretary of Public Health Jeanette Vega. "All patients are being cared for," she told reporters in the city of Concepcion.

    But she pleaded for anyone who did not need immediate medical care not to seek treatment. "This is a time when we need to be in solidarity with the people who need it most," she said, also asking for any health workers able to pitch in to do so.

    Four field hospitals were being set up and tanker trucks full of fresh water were already circulating in areas that had lost access to clean water, she said.

    Other public institutions also were affected. "There were reports of riots at one of the jails," Bachelet said. "The jails have, of course, received significant damage. The justice department is looking into the situation, evaluating the damage. We are looking into possibly moving some of these inmates."

    The president also asked Chileans to help each other.

    "We are looking into shelters," she said. "We are looking into other people providing room in their homes."

    In Washington, Chilean ambassador Jose Goni said Chile could manage the catastrophe.

    "Eventually, after deeper examination, the government may decide it needs support in some areas," he told CNN.

    The United States has resources positioned to assist if Chile requests help, President Obama said in a midafternoon address to the nation.

    Obama also warned residents in Hawaii and other areas that could be affected by a tsunami to heed safety instructions from state and local officials.

    A tsunami warning for Hawaii was lifted Saturday afternoon. Waves of 3 feet were recorded at the city of Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii, but were lower than expected, and no damage was reported.

    Meanwhile, tsunami activity was reported on the island of Tasmania, according to officials in Australia.

    Saturday's temblor comes about six weeks after an 7.0-magnitude earthquake devastated parts of Haiti and killed more than 220,000 people. The Chilean quake, at magnitude 8.8, was 700 to 800 times stronger.

    Coastal Chile has a history of deadly earthquakes, with 13 quakes of magnitude 7.0 or higher since 1973, the USGS said. As a result, experts noted that newer buildings are constructed to help withstand the shocks.

    President-elect Sebastian Pinera, who will take office in March, also was monitoring the situation and warned, "The number of victims could get higher."

    The capital lost electricity and basic services, including water and telephones. Bachelet said regional hospitals had suffered damage; some were evacuated. A major bridge connecting northern and southern Chile was rendered inoperable, and the Santiago airport was shut down for at least the next 24 hours.

    Chilean television showed buildings in tatters in Concepcion, in coastal central Chile. Whole sides of buildings were torn off, and at least two structures were engulfed in flames. Video showed roads that were destroyed and impassable.

    The earth's rumbling was felt by millions in Chile and in parts of Argentina as well. Some buildings were evacuated in the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, which is 690 miles (1,111 kilometers) away from Santiago.

    In Hawaii, the U.S. Coast Guard closed all commercial ports in the Hawaiian islands to incoming traffic and was encouraging vessels to evacuate to sea. All recreational boaters were asked to take immediate precautions and avoid the water.

    In addition, four of 10 U.S. military ships in port in Hawaii were heading out to sea. One ship in San Diego got under way because of high seas.

    California and Alaska were under a tsunami advisory.

    But evacuations of coastal areas began at 6 a.m. (11 a.m. ET). Outdoor siren systems in each Hawaiian county sounded simultaneously to alert residents and visitors to evacuate coastal areas, and U.S. Air Force planes equipped with loudspeakers flew over more remote areas to issue warnings.

    CNN Chile, CNN's partner network, suffered damage to its broadcast facilities but continued operating.

    Eduardo de Canto, the head of airport operations in Santiago, told Chile's TVN that the terminal in the airport is severely damaged although he said runways were operational.

    Santiago resident Leo Perioto jumped out of his bed in his apartment at the top of a six-story building.

    "The whole building was shaking," he said. "The windows were wobbling a lot. We could feel the walls moving from side to side."

    Glass shattered at the Santiago Marriott Hotel, but there appeared to be no structural damage, said Alessandro Perez.

    Anita Herrera at the Hotel Kennedy in Santiago said electricity was out and guests were nervous.

    "Our hotel is built for this," she said. "In Chile, this happens many times."

    The U.S. State Department said all but two U.S. Embassy personnel in Chile were accounted for.

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she will proceed Sunday with her planned trip to five Latin American countries, including Chile.

    Saturday's epicenter was just a few miles north of the largest earthquake recorded in the world: a magnitude 9.5 quake in May 1960 that killed 1,655 and unleashed a tsunami that crossed the Pacific.

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    Reuters: 3-meter tsunami could hit Japan - gov't agency

    Massive earthquake hits Chile, 214 dead -

    CONCEPCION, Chile (Reuters) - One of the world's most powerful earthquakes in a century battered Chile on Saturday, killing at least 214 people as it toppled buildings and triggered tsunamis that ravaged a port town and threatened Pacific coastlines as far away as Japan.

    Buildings caught fire, others crumbled and bridges collapsed across swathes of central Chile, but the initial death toll was relatively low from a quake many times stronger than the one that devastated Haiti last month.

    An apartment block with up to 200 people inside collapsed in Concepcion, the closest major city to the epicenter, and rescue officials said they were unsure how many escaped.

    Overturned cars lay scattered below a fallen overpass in the capital Santiago and telephone and power lines went down across the narrow country, making it difficult to assess the full extent of the damage and loss of life.

    The government said at least 214 people were killed in the 8.8-magnitude quake, which struck at 3:34 a.m. (1:34 a.m. EST), sending people rushing from their beds and onto the streets in fear, hugging each other and crying.

    "It came in waves and lasted so long. Three minutes is an eternity. We kept worrying that it was getting stronger, like a terrifying Hollywood movie," said Santiago housewife Dolores Cuevas.

    It was the fifth-largest earthquake since 1900 and dealt a serious blow to the economy and infrastructure of the world's No. 1 copper producer and one of Latin America's most developed and stable countries.

    The quake halted operations at two oil refineries and two major copper mines and Chile's government said an estimated half a million homes were severely damaged.

    In Concepcion, a city of 670,000 people, some residents whose homes were wrecked pushed their belongings in shopping carts on the streets. Water and electrical services were down and many residents camped outdoors, fearful after a series of big aftershocks.

    "I've been told I lost all of my furniture, my TV, my refrigerator, but it doesn't matter to me. I'm just happy my family is safe," said Francisco Luna, a 42-year-old air-conditioner repairman.

    Chilean officials said the number of deaths was unlikely to increase dramatically, and a U.S. Geological Survey researcher attributed the low toll to Chile's solid building standards.


    A tsunami swept into the port town of Talcahuano, causing serious damage to port facilities and lifting fishing boats out of the water. Television pictures showed shipping containers strewn around and flooded streets in the port, one of the most important in southern Chile.

    President Michelle Bachelet said a huge wave hit the Juan Fernandez islands, an archipelago where Scottish sailor Alexander Selkirk was marooned in the 18th century, inspiring the novel Robinson Crusoe.

    "There was a series of waves that got bigger and bigger, which gave people time to save themselves," pilot Fernando Avaria told TVN television by telephone from the main island.

    But at least four people were killed and 13 others were missing on the island, a local official said.

    Fifteen hours after the quake struck Chile, the tsunami reached Hawaii's Big Island, where residents and tourists were evacuated from low-lying coastal areas. The tsunami warning was later lifted for Hawaii, but Japanese officials said a wave up to 3 meters (10 feet) high could hit the country's Pacific coast and warned residents to evacuate coastal areas.

    The U.S. Geological Survey said the earthquake struck 70 miles northeast of Concepcion at a depth of 22 miles. It said an earthquake of magnitude 8 or over can cause "tremendous damage." The January 12 quake that devastated Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince and killed well over 200,000 people was measured as magnitude 7.0.


    Chile's capital of Santiago, about 200 miles north of the epicenter, was also badly hit. The international airport was closed for at least 24 hours as the quake destroyed passenger walkways and shook glass out of doors and windows.

    Codelco, the world's largest copper producer, suspended operations at its El Teniente and Andina mines, but reported no major damage and said it expected the mines to be up and running in the "coming hours."

    Production was halted at the Los Bronces and El Soldado copper mines, owned by Anglo American Plc, but Chile's biggest copper mine, Escondida, was operating normally.

    Chile produces about 34 percent of world supply of copper, which is used in electronics, cars and refrigerators.

    In Concepcion, at least 12 buildings caught fire and rescue workers pulled 22 people from the rubble of the 15-storey apartment block that pancaked into itself.

    Some residents looted pharmacies and a collapsed grains silo, hauling off bags of wheat, television images showed.

    At least 269 prisoners took advantage of the quake to escape from a prison about 250 miles south of Santiago, police said. Twenty-eight of the inmates were captured and three shot.

    "It was like we were being shaken around in a box," said Claudia Rosario, a 27-year-old receptionist in Temuco, 175 miles south of Concepcion. She said residents there were without water and electricity.

    An eight-year-old boy and a man were killed in the northern Argentine city of Salta when a powerful aftershock caused walls to collapse, officials said.

    In 1960, Chile was hit by a 9.5-magnitude earthquake, one of the biggest ever recorded. It devastated the city of Valdivia, killed 1,655 people and spawned a tsunami that engulfed the Pacific Ocean, taking another 200 lives in Japan, Hawaii and the Philippines.

    President Barack Obama called Bachelet on Saturday and said the United States stood ready to help Chile. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was due to visit Chile on Tuesday on a Latin America tour.

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    (2 hours ago)

    TOKYO (BNO NEWS) -- Japan's Meteorological Agency says a tsunami of up to 3 meters is expected to hit the country's Pacific side and will issue a tsunami warning shortly.

    ALL tsunami warnings CANCELLED except for Russia and Japan.

    NEW YORK (BNO NEWS) -- Tsunami Warning Center cancels tsunami warnings for Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Antarctica, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Pitcairn, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Fr. Polynesia, Mexico, Cook Islands, Kiribati, Kermadec Islands, Niue, New Zealand, Tonga, American Samoa, Samoa, Jarvis Islands, Wallis-Futuna, Tokelau, Fiji, Australia, Palmyra Islands, Johnston Islands, Marshall Islands, Midway Islands, Wake Islands, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Howland-Baker, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands, Nauru, Kosrae, Papua New Guinea, Pohnpei, Chuuk, Marcus Islands, Indonesia, N. Marianas, Guam Yap, Belau, Philippines, Chinese Taipei (Taiwan). A tsunami warning remains in effect for Russia and Japan.

    Japan says 3-meter tsunami expected to hit Pacific coast -

    TOKYO (BNO NEWS) -- Japan's Meteorological Agency on Sunday said it will soon issue a tsunami warning after a 8.8-magnitude earthquake struck Chile on Saturday.

    The tsunami waves have been traveling across the Pacific Ocean at the speed of an airliner since the 8.8-magnitude earthquake on early Saturday. "Tsunami waves of 1 to 3 meters are expected on the Pacific side of Japan," said Yasuo Sekita of Japan's Meteorological Agency.

    Sekita said tsunami warnings would be issued soon and evacuations will be ordered for coastal regions.

    The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center already issued a tsunami warning for the country, but national authorities had not commented on a potential tsunami threat until Sunday.
    Japan issues tsunami warning, urges coastal residents to move to higher ground Reuters

    TOKYO (BNO NEWS) -- Japan's Meteorological Agency urges residents of the country's Pacific coast to evacuate the seashore immediately as tsunami nears.

    Japan issues warning of tsunami three metres (10ft) or more high following devastating Chile earthquake.

    (less than 1 hour ago)

    LOS ANGELES (BNO NEWS) -- U.S. authorities cancel the tsunami advisory for the coastal areas from the Oregon-California border to the Washington-British Columbia border.

    Japan tells coastal people to evacuate for tsunami -

    TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan issued a warning on Sunday for a tsunami of 3 meters (10 ft) or higher along its northern Pacific Coast and warned coastal residents to evacuate to higher ground, after a massive earthquake struck Chile.

    The tsunami could hit the Pacific coast of Japan's northernmost island of Hokkaido around 1:00 p.m. (11 p.m. EST), the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) said.

    "The height of the tsunami could be twice what is expected, depending on factors such as the shape of the coasts. Also, the second tsunami and ones afterwards could be bigger," broadcaster NHK's website quoted JMA official Yasuo Sekita as saying.

    In May 1960, a tsunami struck the coasts of Japan's northernmost island of Hokkaido and other northern Pacific coastal areas after an earthquake in Chile, leaving around 140 people dead or missing, media said.

    One of the world's most powerful earthquakes in a century battered Chile on Saturday, killing at least 214 people, knocking down buildings and triggering a tsunami that threatened Pacific coastlines as far away as Hawaii and Japan.

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    Philippines raises tsunami alert, orders evacuation -

    MANILA, Feb 28 (Reuters) - The Philippines ordered a limited precautionary evacuation on Sunday in coastal areas of 19 provinces along its eastern seaboard after raising the level of a tsunami alert issued following a massive earthquake in Chile .

    "At 7 a.m. today, we raised the tsunami alert to level 2 and People are advised to stay away from beaches and to report unusual big waves in their areas," Renato Solidum, director of the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology, told Reuters.

    "There's only limited evacuation in some areas where communities are near the water," he said, adding local officials have the authority to force residents to move to safer areas.

    The Hawaii-based Pacific Tsunami Warning Center had earlier lifted its warning for most countries on the Pacific basin, leaving it in effect for just Russia and Japan, but Philippine authorities remained concerned about the risk of large waves generated by Saturday's magnitude 8.8 quake.

    "We're on standby until early this afternoon. But, we expect only about a metre (3 ft) high wave to reach our eastern shores," Solidum said.

    In Malita town on the southern island of Mindanao, about 100 residents had started fleeing, while two other coastal towns were being watched due to unusual strong waves.

    A local disaster official, Roderick Milana, said the alert level 2 would remain in force until mid-afternoon and had advised fishermen to avoid going to sea and tie their boats to safety.

    In 1960, Solidum said a 9.5 earthquake in Chile generated a tsunami that reached the Philippines within 24 hours, but did not cause damage or death.
    76th aftershock hits Chile; a 5.5 near Libertador O'Higgins.

    NEW QUAKE -- 5.3 quake hits near Ryukyu, Japan.

    77th aftershock hits Chile; a 4.8 magnitude.

    78th aftershock hits Chile; a 5.3 magnitude.

    79th aftershock hits Chile; a 5.2 magnitude

    Reuters: Death toll in Chile quake reaches more than 300

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    79 aftershocks? 99% of them over 5.0
    That's just insane.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Megan View Post
    79 aftershocks? 99% of them over 5.0
    That's just insane.
    It is. I think I heard earlier today on Fox News that this earthquake was "500 times more" powerful than the 7.0 in Haiti.

    Here's a map of the earthquake/aftershocks:

    It says 86 earthquakes are on that map! Wow.
    edit to add: 88 now. The map will automatically update.

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    FOX40 NEWS: Tsunami waves as high as 6 feet expected to rock Japan within the next 90 minutes.

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    FOX40 NEWS: Tsunami waves as high as 6 feet expected to rock Japan within the next 90 minutes.

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    Oh my...

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    I'd be curious to know the speed those waves are coming in at

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christina View Post
    I'd be curious to know the speed those waves are coming in at
    I either heard or read earlier today that the waves were traveling at about 800 mph.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ImForgiven View Post
    I either heard or read earlier today that the waves were traveling at about 800 mph.
    Wow, that's alot of pressure coming in

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    Not that I would be able to view it, but is there a live web cam or something tracking it?

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    What happened?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cocopea9052 View Post
    Not that I would be able to view it, but is there a live web cam or something tracking it?
    None that I know of.

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    Thousands begin evacuating in Japan as threat of tsunami nears -

    Tokyo, Japan (CNN) -- Tens of thousands of residents began evacuating from coastal Japan on Sunday in anticipation of a possible tsunami following the 8.8-magnitude quake that rocked Chile the day before, CNN's Kyung Lah reported.

    The northern part of the main island is looking at the possibility of a tsunami more than 9 feet high, she said. Rail service has been halted and residents have been urged to evacuate low-lying areas of the island nation.

    The warning primarily affected fishing areas and tourist areas; major cities like Tokyo, which is inland, were not affected.

    Tsunami warnings sparked by the quake in Chile initially covered the entire Pacific region but were canceled less than 18 hours later -- except for Russia and Japan.

    The Japan Meteorological Agency issued a major tsunami warning/advisory for the Pacific coast of Tohoku, the Pacific coast of Hokkaido, the Japan sea coast of Amori Prefecture, Kanto, Izu/Ogasawara Islands, Tokai, the Pacific coast of Kinki/Shikoku, Okayama Prefecture, the Ariake Sea and Yatsushiro Sea, the eastern part of Kyushu and Kagoshima Prefecture.

    The Philippines Institute of Volcanology and Seismology issued a Level-1 tsunami alert for the east coast of the Philippines.

    A Level-1 alert means no evacuation order is in effect, though individuals in the at-risk areas were advised to be ready to evacuate.

    An official with the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said the island chain of Hawaii "dodged a bullet" after smaller-than-expected waves were reported.

    But the cancellation "does not mean it is now safe to resume normal activities or re-enter evacuated shoreline areas," it said, noting that county civil defense agencies and local police departments would make those determinations.

    "There was no assessment of any damage in any county, which is quite remarkable," said Gov. Linda Lingle, who said witnesses had reported seeing "dramatic surges going on in the ocean."

    The only airport that was shut, the Hilo airport on Hawaii, was to reopen shortly, she said. "If people have a confirmed reservation they can go to the airport now and they will be able to catch their flights."

    The center also canceled warnings for Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Antarctica, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Pitcairn, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, French Polynesia, Mexico, the Cook Islands, Kiribati, Kermadec Island, Niue, New Zealand, Tonga, American Samoa, Jarvis Island, Wallis-Futuna, Tokelau, Fiji, Australia, Palmyra Island, Pojnston Island, Marshall Island, Midway Island, Wake Island, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Howland-Baker, New Caledonia, Solomon Island, Nauru, Kosrae, Papua New Guinea, Pohnpei, Chuuk, Marcus Island, Indonesia, North Marianas, Guam, Yap, Belau, Philippines and Chinese Taipei.

    Earlier, Hawaiian residents had scrambled to stock up on water, gas and food as sirens pierced the early morning quiet across the islands ahead of the tsunami.

    Roads to beaches and other low-lying areas were closed and seaside hotels moved guests to higher ground.

    At supermarkets, residents stocked up on essentials like water and toilet paper in anticipation of the high waters. One sign at a local store limited families to two cases of Spam.

    Beaches that would normally be crowded with sunbathers at midday on a Saturday were deserted. Commercial and recreational vessels seeking safe waters lined up a mile off the coast.

    Tsunami waves came ashore along the Chilean coast shortly after the earthquake, U.S. Geological Survey geophysicist Victor Sardina told CNN.

    He said the largest was 9 feet near the quake's epicenter. Another wave, 7.7 feet, hit the Chilean town of Talcahuano, according to Eric Lau of the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.

    Video from the town showed one car sitting in a large expanse of water, boats littering the docks and widespread flood damage.

    A large wave on the island of Juan Fernandez -- 400 miles (643 km) off Chile's coast -- killed three people, Provincial Governor Ivan De La Maza said. Ten people were missing.

    Navigational buoys in Ventura County, California, sustained minor damage as a result of a 2-foot surge and waves, according to the Alaska Tsunami Warning Center. The Ventura County Fire Department had one report of damage to a resident's dock from the surge.

    In 1960, a tsunami triggered by an earthquake on South America's west coast destroyed much of downtown Hilo and killed 61 people, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. That earthquake had a magnitude between 8.25 and 8.5, the USGS said, and the waves in Hilo Bay reached 35 feet, but only 3 to 17 elsewhere.

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    Coastal residents evacuated from homes on Russia's Kuril Islands after tsunami warning Reuters

    2-meter wave could hit Russia's Kuril islands at 0400 GMT after Chile quake - RIA agency quotes Sakhalin Tsunami Centre

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    FOX40 NEWS ALERT: American Red Cross will deploy to Chile to assist with quake relief within the next 48 to 72 hours.

    Tsunami warning center revises a line in its newest bulletin. From "damage far from source" to "could cause widespread damage."

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    Reuters: 10-centimeter tsunami hits small southern Japan island

    First tsunami from Chile earthquake quake strikes Japanese coast; initial waves small - Associated Press

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