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If what you are saying is that if someone truly believes, they believe (and if they waiver, they will go to the Lord and repent for their waiver as well---like the man who said to the Lord that he believed but asked Him to help his unbelief) and will put their lives on the line for it, lose it if that is what it comes to, they will never recant their salvation, period, willing to suffer for the Lord no matter what comes their way and just absolutely trust that the Word of the Lord is true and never turn from Him, then that is absolutely true.

They are not sealed by the Holy Spirit though. That is only for the Church. The 144,000 are the only ones said to be sealed in Revelation 7:3. The scriptures never say that any other believer is sealed during the Tribulation, though I know that the Left Behind series depicts that they have a mark on their forehead by the Lord. The two witnesses are said to be given authority (Rev 11:3). With all that fire breathing and turning water into blood and shutting off the rain and striking plagues on the earth, they seem to have their situation under control through these things the Lord has given them quite well! There are quite a few mentions of the patience/perseverance of the Trib saints throughout Revelation.

Do we agree now?
I'm not speaking of protection as in a seal. I'm saying that those that accept Christ in the Tribulation will not lose their salvation. To teach otherwise is unBiblical. There is no scripture that supports this thought. Those that accept the mark and worship the beast were never saved to begin with.