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Payment for their sins.

Someone must pay the price for your sin (and mine, and everyone else). And there are only 2 choices:

1) You pay for your sins
2) Jesus paid for your sins

Sin is painful, it is ugly, it is separation from God. Why does Hell have fire? Because it was made for the angels who sinned, so that their imperfection would be eternally separated from God. The fire is punishment. It is probably there to make you regret every sinful second and regret not letting Jesus pay for your sins. However, Hell and the Lake of Fire was never reserved or intended for people, for we were originally created in a sinless environment. But when sin entered man through deception from the devil, the curse was also passed on to us. Hence, people who do not accept God's One and Only Way (faith in Jesus Christ) will also go to the same place as the fallen angels, because of their sin.

Jesus said, "It is finished" on the cross, then he gave up His soul and died. The finishing work He did on the cross was payment for every persons sins; past, present and future for all eternity. Whether you choose to have His Blood atone (cover) for your sins is up to you. Everyone else must make this same decision.

You see, our God is a JUST God. Justice will be served to everyone. In the end, God's love for us does not override His absolute Justice. His love gave us a way to be counted as righteous, and that was through the death of His only Son, Jesus Christ. So justice will be served: Either you pay for your sins, or Jesus paid for your sins.

I love the old hymm:

Jesus paid it all
All to Him I owe
Sin has left a crimson stain
He washed it white as snow

Im sorry.....I'm probably not explaining any of this very well, but it makes sense in my head

God bless,

Isn't being rejected by God enough? Having to spend eternity realizing what you lost and having to reflect on that knowing there is no way out. Isn't that enough? To me the burning and "physical soul" torment seems to be excessive and still doesn't serve a point.