I just received my really handy spiral bound blank notebook to go hand in hand with any 'read the bible in a year' study plan.

Beyond the cover art, you're given all blank pages with space for study notes, ordinated by book and chapters in the old and new testament. There's about 3" of space for notes on each bible chapter.

I looked around for a notebook like this on the net, and found a number of study guides, but I was searching for a notebook that I could use rather than writing in the margins of my bible. This notebook is perfect! I bought mine on ebay for $1.99, it's also available on amazon.com for $9.99, the original publication price. It's just wonderful, and I'm so happy I received it just as I started in Genesis again.

I've enclosed a jpeg of one of the pages so you get an idea of what I'm describing.
The notebook is standard 8.5x11 in size.

Of course I could have designed this on my puter, but this is so much easier! Yay!
Kingdom Knowledge Notes by Rod Austin ISBN-13: 978-0884199748