I was up watching football & eating tacos with friends, which explains the odd time, but I wanted to let you know we only got a dusting of snow, almost no accumulation yesterday after hearing we could get 1-4 inches. We had 40 people at our youth rally, almost double the last one, and 10 decisions.

No new salvations, mostly kids praying for restoration (confessing/forsaking sins) and a few dedication.

Your and others' prayers worked. As I told one girl I'm working with through the missionaryfromhome.com program (and whom i also gave this prayer request to), it's great to be able to give glory to God for them. For as Paul says, "God forbid that I should glory, save int he cross." It is a great privilege that God allows us, who have trusted in Him by faith to save us from our sins, to have a personal relationship with Him and have a part in his work through prayer.