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Thread: What do you do for a living?

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    KnightErrant Guest


    I am an Architect, currently working on renovating several government buildings that I cannot tell you about.

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    Lazarus Guest


    Copy editor

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    johndigiovanni Guest


    Fire marshal, Why do all business owners dislike me?

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    name1 Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by johndigiovanni View Post
    Fire marshal, Why do all business owners dislike me?
    Ha, they probally don't hate you as much as they hate the fire departments who come out to a fire, refuse to put it out; and than bill them!

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    Veillifted Guest


    Systems Administrator in downtown NYC. Fun job though the commute is horrible after several years now of doing so.

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    jeffrebferren Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by MajinFro View Post
    broke college student. future computer programmer.

    I'm a Financial Aid Officer at a University, and my wife is a Director of a Dialisys(sp) Center.

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    bystillwaters Guest


    Retired Fine Art Dealer. SF Gallery. Now an artist.

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    In a Galaxy far far away


    Retired electronics Tech and Computer Tech

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    professor h Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by cryo View Post
    I am a high school English teacher.
    cool...I'm an English Professor for a community college.

    Do you guys even teach grammar anymore?

    sry..had to yank yer chain...

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    north North NORTH Arkansas


    And he misspells words. What IS this world coming to.... *sigh*

    (Now I'll pause so you can give me grief about starting a sentence with a conjunction. )

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    lsufanatic Guest


    I am a "Cable Guy". I work for the local cable company here in Birmingham, AL. I am knocking on the door to becoming an Engineer. I didn't finish college so I have had to work my way up. But I am almost there. God willing and I will be there.


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    HiHopes Guest



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    windchaser04 Guest


    I teach English in Japan at a Jr High school and two different elemetary schools.

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    BamaM14Shooter Guest


    Just put in my last day at a chemical plant that I worked at for 16 years. The management has gotten so screwed up that I felt it might be a good idea to look for something else. I'll start a new job at Praxair on Friday. I'll be an process technician for a liquid hydrogen and liquid nitrogen plant.

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    I build custom cabinets and furniture.
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    Christy Guest


    I'm a lady, but I thought I'd sneak in here and add my bit. I'm a "chief cook and bottle washer", in other words if my boss thinks it should get done by me, then I do it. My other title is "manager" in the retail trade.

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    BlessedinHim Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by johndigiovanni View Post
    Fire marshal, Why do all business owners dislike me?
    are you the fire marshall on "In living color?" Fire Marshall Bill??? hehe, just kidding.

    I am a Domestic Engineer: job requirements: head cook and bottle washer, teacher, nurse, doctor, story teller, gardener, housekeeper, peacekeeper, financial planner, yardworker, husband pleaser.

    did I leave anything out? LOL

    Ford acronyms: Found on road dead
    Fix or repair daily
    First on race day

    I am so sorry for posting in here, I was reading my husbands post and didnt realize this was the men room!!!!!!! I am soooo embarrassed!!!!!!

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    JohnnyHye Guest


    I'm a corporate trainer. I do contract work right now, kind of like freelance. That's the "cool" way of saying I'm unemployed! I worked full-time for a couple large companies, one as an in-house trainer and the other company provided consulting and training services to other large corporations. I got laid off from that job and since then I do contracts here and there. I just finished up a contract for Capital One and I will probably be starting a new contract in a week or two for Pfizer.

    Anyway, it's a job I really enjoy. I remember praying to God for this specific job, which didn't exist in my company at that time, and within a few months a whole training department sprung up in Florida. I'm in NJ, but the management of the training department "somehow" found me! (I know how ) Then that department was given national duties, so in addition to being the head of training for the New York City metro market, I got to travel all over the US. Early on, my other group that I had to work closely with was in West Palm Beach, Florida. Going there for work was great, because on the weekends I stayed there on the company's expense, and basically got some small, free vacations! I've since been blessed enough to travel to all sorts of places in the nation - not much I haven't been to. I've been able to meet people all over the US and to see and experience life in so many parts of our great nation. Also, the Lord was good and gave me time at home to spend with my dad, who ended up passing away a couple years ago. The travel gave me enough miles and points to be able to take my dad traveling the last several years of his life, which is something he LOVED but was unable to do as he raised our family, since money was always tight. Praise the Lord for being so good to us!

    God not only provided for me what I wanted in a career, but He gave it to me with even more and better travel and quality of life than I asked for! Corporate card and high-end hotels and a nice expense account - much more than I even asked for! God is SO good to us!

    I still travel quite a bit for work, but I love it, so it all works out! Please pray for me as I'm not depending on the Lord as much as I should these days, and this is probably why I'm in a state of "transition" and uncertainty career-wise; I have some issues to work on and with the Lord's help I will make it through, but as of late I am not as firm as I want to be in trusting Him.

    OK so that was a lot, sorry!
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    mbtcforJesus Guest


    Wow, I can't believe the response this thread has gotten!

    Thanks for sharing.

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    childlike2002 Guest


    Construction sales; design,sell "pole buildings" in Iowa.

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