Praise the Lord I have now been able to get the In 100 year video into several languages. I thought I would post them all here. I pray that someone can use them and spread them around. God bless.

First here are the three videos I have in English
In 100 Years
When Death Comes Knocking
2012 Is It The End?
In 100 Years in the Following languages

When Death Comes Knocking Tagalog

I also have Twi and Burmese which I have not uploaded to Youtube yet. I am still waiting to here from the translators to make sure all errors are fixed. But you can view them here. Twi Burmese Please say a prayer for these projects. We would also like to see these translated into many more languages. So please pray with us on this matter. If you would like to help translate into a certain language let me know! God bless. P.S. if you view them please click like to boost the ratings.