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    Default DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

    I was wondering if any of you might have some great DIY Christmas gift ideas that you would like to share. Each year, my 2 daughters, my sons-in-law and our grandchildren get together and exchange 'homemade' Christmas gifts. One year I went crazy 6 weeks before Christmas and decided that I was going to make each of the children and the grandchildren (5 in total at the time) a queen size quilt for their beds. My grandson had just shot his first deer, so the center square was a fabric transfer picture of him with his deer and the remaining squares were done in camo, browns and olive green. My grand-daughter had just gotten her ears pierced and she was into the Disney Princesses, so her center square was her, showing off her new ears and surrounded with Disney Princesses (Cinderalla, Jasmaine and Sleeping Beauty) with hues of pastel pinks, purples and blue. Then I made my daughter a purse with a black/white photo of her daughter on the outside pocket, along with a tri-fold wallet for my sons-in-law, with pictures of them and their wives and them as a family, even made a check-book cover for Great-PawPaw.

    This year my grandson and grand-daughter are old enough that they want money, so I have taught myself how to do origami with money (by watching it on UTube) and I'm making them shirts out of money, then I am giving each of them an inexpensive T-shirt with a Bible verse that I found at the Christian Bookstore and in their card I'm going to write... "Just what EVERY kid wants for Christmas, ANOTHER shirt, RIGHT?... but what would you say to a WHOLE box full of shirts?" The 1st shirt will be wrapped separate, then in another box, I'm going to put tissue paper and tape 'money shirts' to the inside of the box. For my daughters and their husbands, I've learned how to make 'money stars' and I'm going to write on the left side of their card...' Star light, Star bright, first star I see tonight, wish I may and wish I might, wish upon a Star tonight... and everywhere the word 'star' is, I'm going to tape a 'money star'... (I used to say that poem with them every night before they would go to bed and tell them to make a wish) then I'm going to write out a wish for them... then under where I sign mine and my husband's name... I'm going to write... "The stars declare His glory!" (even though I know it's suppose to be "heavens" and I'm going to put 2 more stars there.

    Then I went through all of my pictures of the family and I have a program on my Kodak EasyShare that allows me to turn any picture into a coloring book page, so I'm made each one of them (including the Mommy's for their treasure chest) a coloring book with pictures of them and their families, along with Grandma and Grandpa, of course, along with a box of colored pencils.

    Lastly, I took the originals of the coloring book pages that I copied and I bought 4x4 white ceramic tiles from Lowe's for about .16 cents each and I've Mod Podge them onto the tiles and them sprayed them with clear seal, added felt on the bottom and now my daughters will have coasters of the kids pictures to show off.

    Last year I gave my daughters a DVD with all of their pictures from infancy through their own children and it was set to the music of Martina McBride, "In My Daughter's Eyes"... it was so beautiful, they both cried.

    Is there any special Christmas gifts that you've gotten that were special to you and if so, would you mind sharing the ideas? Thanks!

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    Last year I made gift baskets for my 3 daughters with homemade bath salts, facial scrub, herbal dream pillows, herbal eye mask compresses, soap and lace drawer sachets. There was a good bit of effort involved but I really enjoyed putting it all together and it was memorable. They loved it!

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    Davidswife, would you mind sharing the recipe for the beauty products, that would be a WONDERFUL idea and at this point, I'm beginning to run out of things to come up with. I would love to try something along those lines. THANKS!

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    I'm pretty creative.

    I have always made my own gifts. Some ones that were popular, a homemade afghan, a handmade knit cap, handknit handwarmers, etc. Homemade soap and candles were also crowd pleasers.

    I think, this year, what my family really wants to know is that I'm taking care of myself.

    Oh, I forgot. After I got diagnosed with bipolar disorder; I sent my Dad a box full of empty prescription bottles - "See, I'm taking my medication". He said it was his favorite.

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    Homemade candy, other goodies, and banana bread are always favorites. Our local Ingles often sells bananas that are ripe or just over-ripe in special paper bags with handles, and on the bags are recipes for banana bread. I use my own tried-and-true recipe, but when they sell these 'bananas in a bag" they're cheaper than just buying a bunch at regular price, and you always get enough for at least two loaves (figuring 3-4 medium-sized ones per loaf). Bananas can also be frozen until you want to use them, so they can be saved. Thawed bananas are often much easier to mush up, too.
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    Laf, you have beautiful ideas and I am sure your crafts are just as wonderful. I tend to do more simple things. In years past I have made aprons for lady friends and Christmas pillows. This year I am making 'trash bag wreaths'--which are really pretty-- I made a black one with a burgendy bow and a Gamecock nutcracker for my brother. Also, I am all into making gingerbread boys and girls from felt and decorating them. I made one for DD with a little gingerbread boy in a 'wrap'--just like she carries her baby and some with specific college football fabric for sportlovers. It has been so much fun and my grown neices who rarely craft are making them too. My one neice made Christmas tree balls with our initials on it and it is beautiful. One other craft I enjoy is taking a beautiful Christmas bag or box, one with a great scene on it (Santa, nutcrackers, Bethlehem,,,,) and I get a frame that is a little larger. (you can get frames at the $1 store). I center the picture and make a mat from coordinating scrapbook paper. They turn out great.
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