Hey, everyone, I have a question. First off, I'm 20 years old and recently I've been wondering if I have low testosterone. I seem to be more sensitive than most guys, I barely have any hair on my arms, face or chest area, I'm moody at times, I have slight depression here and there, and I have anxiety, plus panic attacks. My dad suffers from low testosterone, and I feel it has been passed down to me. I'm attracted to women, but I also feel just as sensitive as a women... Definitely awkward for me.... I feel like I should get some tests done for this. I'm just wondering if anyone else on here has the same type of symptoms or has/is suffering from low testosterone levels. I feel if it turns out my levels are low, and i get them fixed, then it may also help the other problems I've been having emotionally/physically. From what I've read, testosterone is what makes men.... Well, men... If your levels are low then you start acting more like a women, emotionally. I dunno, I'm just sort of worried, and I hope to get this figured out soon.