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Thread: Pet names. What are some of yours?

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    Default Pet names. What are some of yours?

    There was an article in our local paper (info taken from city's animal licensing department). Popular pet names are Max, Buddy, Bella. Some oddball ones like Q-Tip, T-Bone & Pudge. I thought it might be fun to see what names are represented here. Disclaimer: I did not name all our pets!

    We have:

    Devon - St. Bernard
    Dakota - Great Dane
    Cat - Lemon Zest
    Cat - William
    Cat - Beau
    Chinchilla - Fungus Face (Fung for short)

    We've had:

    Duke - Maremma
    Baron - Maremma
    Czar - Akbash
    Tessa - Akbash
    Cat - Pooch
    Peacock - Bob
    Rooster - Klondike
    Chicken - Fisty Chick
    Highland Bull - Knothead
    Highland Bull - 5 1/2
    Jersey Cows - Faith, Hope & Charity

    Like I said, I'm not responsible for all these names, but I do have my more than fair share of oddball ones.

    Looking forward to your pets' names.


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    We have a Patty-we call her fatty Patty. She's a Rat Terrier and
    We have a Jumper- Always jumping, name fits him well. Rat Terrier also
    We have a Pug, short of Pugsly who is a Pug..
    Than we have Scosh "Not sure of the spelling" my husband named him this because he's so small "Vietnam for small. He's a Yorkie.
    And we have Darling Darla, who we call Darla. Another Yorkie.
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    I had a hamster named Bella,i lost her over a year ago,still miss her

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    When I was a child, we had a dog named Mitzi. She was beautiful, very intelligent and just an all around good dog. When my parents got married, Dad brought his hunting dog into the marriage. The dog's name was Jip. Dad obviously loved that dog, but had to give him up when he left the unproductive farm in Mississippi to find a job in Chicago after my brother was born. We kids grew up hearing stories of Jip and he was legendary in our household. I've always felt like I knew him. One of my favorite stories is about the way he always protected my Mother after Mom and Dad got married and the way he also protected my the infant brother. When anyone came to the door, Jip always stood guard between Mom and the visitor. Also, when Mom would leave the room where my brother was, Jip would stand guard as close as he could get to him until Mom returned.

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    Had a cat once named Sniff.Had a dog named Kandy because we got her on Halloween and the kids named her.

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    We currently have one dog and her name is Maggie. She has somehow attained a surname of O'Doodle.
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    When my daughter was very young, somebody gave us 2 kitties. We decided to let her name one of them, the orange tabby kitty. In trying to help her out with ideas, I asked her what she thought of Tiger. She shook her little head and said, "Lion." So, Lion it was. She could pick that kitty up in the weirdest ways and he just let her do it. I miss that kitty!

    My brother used to have a cat, presumably a rather playful one, that he called Daffy Crackers

    Thank you, Mary Rae, for your lovely picture!

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    My current dog is the one inherited my mother and dad. She is a chihuahua with the name of Godzilla. My mom let my son name the dog when they got it about 13 years ago.

    When my kids were growing up we had a dog that was part pomeranian and pekingese. Her name was Georgette. She was named after a dog in a story that was brain-washed by the kidnappers. They made the dog watch soap operas all day long. So every phrase out of the dog's mouth in the story was some soap opera type statement.
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