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Thread: Adding French and Hebrew to our lessons!

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    Ima Believer Guest

    Default Adding French and Hebrew to our lessons!

    We started a new science course this week and I just ordered our French and Hebrew books today (maybe the dog will be tri-lingual too, that would make things really interesting and fun, lol)! Really looking forward to this - I find so much enjoyment from homeschooling. I am, I always struggled in school and going through these lessons with Morgan - she does a lot independently which is really nice and I have been blessed by what she has been able to do. I think of going back to school myself sometimes because of this, I find myself being more confident as I go through her lessons and homework with her. Anyhow, really looking forward to adding languages to the plate! I suggested Hebrew for obvious reasons and she wanted to learn French so here we go. I think it's really because she watched some of "Julie & Julia" with me once and fell in love with the French language and we both fell in love with learning how to cook better. Beef bourignon (yes, I know sp) - anyhow - I think I am going to make that my goal this winter along with learning the language. What a blessing to be able to take a lesson like learning a new language and adding further culture to it like cooking. Anyone want to come to dinner? I promise, you don't have to speak French or Hebrew.

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    Ima Believer Guest


    Our books came today!

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    Marie, what curriculum are you using for the languages??

    We are going to do Prima Latina to give my son a good Latin base. (He's 9.) I feel like I *should* teach him Spanish then, it would probably be more useful going forward. But... I took French in high school and would like to relearn what's probably all stuck in my head somewhere, and it would be wonderful to teach him along with it!!

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    Ima Believer Guest


    Hey there, Midwest Mama!

    here is the web address for the French course we are going to use: http://

    for Hebrew we are using the book: MODERN HEBREW FOR BEGINNERS by Esther Raizen (they give you a website in the beginning of the book - remember it goes from "back to front" as a Hebrew book would and you use the book and what is offered through the website)

    Hope this helps!

    We are thinking of doing German basics as well.
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    Thanks, I'll take a look at it!!

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