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Thread: So long ladies and gents!

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    Default So long ladies and gents!

    I'd like to make an announcement if you don't mind. Nothing against you guys or this forum but I can't really be on here anymore. Its too frustrating for me. I need to take a rest from this whole end times watching thing. I'm almost to the point of just giving up on it. I'm leaving for Basic in the summer, and thats just the way its going to be. Right now I need to get away from everything and just find myself and what I'm supposed to do in life. I think you all are wonderful and this forum is a great way for you all to share your thoughts and feelings with each other, but I'm not in the right mood for posting and commenting, I have too much anger and stress right now. So adios amigos, this will be the last of me. {mod snip}
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