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Actually, I nearly always check my blood pressure when I go to Walmart, and it always shows me in stage 1 hypertension, and my pulse rate over a 100. My husband's pulse rate is always well under a hundred. I'm never sure of the accuracy of the Walmart monitors.

And as an aside, my husband irritates me and hurts my feelings every time he brushes off the monitor showing me in stage 1 hypertension by saying it's just 'cause I get stressed when I go to the grocery store. I do get stressed when I go to the grocery store, but I don't know that that is the only reason I'm presumably in stage 1 hypertension (assuming the monitor is right). I wish my husband showed more concern about my health issues. It makes me lonely that he doesn't. ( I guess I'm derailing my own thread with this post. )
You may have a medical condition causing this. Try an experiment at home. Get someone's blood pressure cuff if possible. If not possible, lay down and completely still and take your heart rate. Then, stand perfectly still without moving and take your heart rate after 5 minutes, remaining vertical while counting. The numbers should not be very different. If they are, you may have to begin exploring medical causes.