ing for the people of Homs

Beginning of the end for Homs? How long for Damascus?

Syrian troops launch ground assault on Homs neighborhood of Bab Amr

By Liz Sly, Updated: Wednesday, February 29, 1:55 PM

BEIRUT An ominous silence descended over the besieged Bab Amr district in the central Syrian city of Homs on Wednesday as Syrian troops backed by tanks launched what appeared to be a major offensive aimed at wresting back control of the area from government opponents.

There were reports of at least one fierce battle on the outskirts of the neighborhood, and residents elsewhere in Homs described intense shelling there and in many other parts of the city amid what they feared marked the beginning of an all-out attempt to crush resistance in the epicenter of the nearly year-long revolt against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.