Pass It On
By: Maxine M.

Adam was lonely; even among two of every kind of animal, for him there wasn’t a “help mate”
No one to comfort, caress or encourage…what would be this single male’s fate?
So God in His mercy made a woman…someone with whom he could fully participate

A sounding board for his problems; provide advice as their maturity started to unfold
A mate to bear his children, mold the next generation, a companion with whom to grow old
One willing to sacrifice, compromise, manage well her virtue…worth more than gold

Now, today, we salute the women in OUR lives and the contributions they have made
The example they set, their “molding” influence down through time will never fade
Be it mother, grandmother, sister, daughter or aunt…by their guidance & teaching our future was laid

Even an orphan or those to whom the word MOTHER brings a cold chill
Perhaps had a teacher, neighbor, nurse or nanny whom the role of matriarch would fulfill
Surely somewhere in every life a women tried to, the essence of love instill

Maybe a mother quiet & shy, who tirelessly worked to make a “home” & strengthen family ties
Days spent caring for her family…cooking, sewing, cleaning or hushing a sick child’s cries
Attending church faithfully, raising chickens…”family extras” her egg money buys

Churning butter, gardening, canning…in the winter months those pickles & peaches were oh so nice!
In Faith she welcomed others into her home knowing this was a GODLY SACRIFICE
That same Faith sustained her as she buried 2 children, saying, His Grace will SUFFICE

Remember the Grandmother who so FULLY represented all the qualities the very word brings to mind?
The mother of one born prematurely, but with a “never give up” spirit she was designed
Thus her tiny child, under her exceptional care, grew & thrived…the doctor’s prognosis realigned

Down through time her descendants received great treasure in remembering her ways
The love, strength & courage that so defined her in those final earthly days
The memory sustains us as we also prepare to enter that trying phase

Today we can honor the never married teacher who gave her pupils special attention & care
Like an “old mother hen” she instilled a love of reading, history, poetry & how to play fair
A mentor, personal encourager, even after you left her class, good advice she’d often share

She never criticized or belittled when you had made a mistake…as OTHER teachers had done
A perfect example of a “you can over come” spirit, as a battle over polio she had won
One day she will be REWARDED for the “seeds” of confidence she administered one by one

These women are now GONE!! Did they somehow know how appreciated they were…I hope so!
But often this goes unsaid…we overlook & neglect to give praise and let them know
Mothers may get cards, but to praise a kindly neighbor, we’re often very slow

Don’t let that regret happen in your life…don’t hesitate to let love show
Those important women in your life, friend, co-worker, boss…honor also on them bestow
Let Christ’s love shine through you to them…in Godly faith help them to grow

Tell them of the “Greatest Gift” ever given…how God sent His only Son down to earth below
To die for the human race, to SAVE them from their sin & the coming judgment’s woe
That they CAN escape the tribulation’s chaos by accepting Christ…letting Salvation flow

Escape as Jesus did from the tomb…even BEFORE the angels rolled away the stone
In His incorruptible body, no longer subject to space & matter, as is only humanly known
Inform them that He’s COMING BACK to gather together His own

But while we’re WAITING, He sent the Holy Spirit to live IN us…the closest relationship ever known
We can rely on Him; COMMUNICATE with Him…even better than that Hi-tech cell phone
HE will direct us, guide & inform us, He knows our feelings when all we can do is groan

Telling them is the best thing you can do for these women…whether they’re your mother or not
All those who taught & guided you, befriended you, whose influence you never forgot
Remember their contribution to your life, PASS IT ON!! it a casual acquaintance or those you love a lot