In the Grip of Fear
By: Maxine M.

We think of fear as an instinctive reaction to evil or danger…real or just perceived
Apprehension, trepidation over situations someone else has conceived
Our body reacts involuntarily with sudden surges of adrenalin that the brain & nerves received

The “fight or flight” syndrome kicks in automatically…without real thought
Panic sets in, holds us in its grip…where is the peace & comfort we sought?
Fear brings instant images of detrimental injury & harm; visions of death & destruction have to be fought

Yes, we encounter many frightening dangers as we travel life’s pathway
Accidents beyond our control, surgeries, losses, nature on a rampage…any given day
Vicious predators that lurk (animal or man) causing the sudden emotions of fear without delay

But sometimes our fears builds SLOWLY over time; the consequences YESTERDAY’S actions may have brought
Fear of the past…all those misdeeds committed will one day come to light, life has taught
How will we react when they’re exposed…Satan laughs when he sees we’re caught

He FEEDS that fear, poking us by asking what would happen if everyone knew?
We’re dismayed at the prospect that they wouldn’t understand or would totally misconstrue
Would they still accept you or ignore that WHO you were THEN is no longer TRUE?

Then we find ourselves in the grip of fear of TODAY and the things that have to be done
There’s no more “putting off” that decision…it must be made as soon as the day has begun
Will something “blind-side” us; the pressure is on and we feel constantly under the gun

And even as we try to deal with today’s fears & stresses, tomorrow lurks in the wings
Plus the “long range” future…and it grows scarier with every news announcement the TV. brings
We hear of job losses, the deficit, new taxes, more rules & regulations and a mental alarm rings

For many, their greatest fear is REJECTION…our offer of love & friendship cast aside and spurned
Still others have phobias, a constant fear of something intangible…the remedy unable to be learned
But most of all, humans fear DEATH; WHAT happens THEN has them concerned

Even though the Lord said, don’t fear those who can take your life, but after that have no power at ALL
Fear the One who has the power of Judgment…it IS a fearful thing, into the hand of an angry God fall
Your eternal fate DEPENDS on if you accepted His gift of love and Salvation when you heard His call

So that brings us to the different meanings of fear…the AWESOME REVERENCE thoughts of God should generate
The realization of the power He possesses should drive us to our knees & venerate
For the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom…the answer to our every debate

All the admiration, respect, homage due Him…that overwhelming adoration & esteem
To be able to come into the presence of such Holy divine greatness feels like an impossible dream
And to call Him FATHER!! This One who gave us life & can extinguish at His will…from us PRAISE should stream

That this enormously mighty, ever-existing life could LOVE us…knows us by name
And willingly paid OUR sin debt, to SAVE our souls…the reason His Son came
Wouldn’t SUPREME HONOR be due this One who took on Himself OUR shame?

But some who would scream at the sight of a spider, DO NOT FEAR taking the Lord’s name in vain
Or any of the sin committed daily, which we ignore…simply not wanting to restrain
But deep in our spirit we know, one day we’ll be required to explain

So what kind of fear controls you today? REVERENCE for our coming King?
The kind and loving Saviour…our advocate when the devil, accusations bring
And at the Judgment, steps forward and says, “THIS ONE IS MINE”…oh, how our hearts will sing!

Or will you continue to live with the horror of “what ifs” or what might be
But those fears of yesterday, today and tomorrow can be DISPELLED in SINCERE prayer on bended knee
Those fears that grip us so will be calmed…from anxiety we’ll be set free

The wise man Solomon STUDIED life and came to this conclusive thought
We’re to fear (revere) God, obey His commands, trust in the precepts He taught
We can then live FEARLESSLY…enjoy the Salvation Christ’s death & resurrection brought