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Thread: Awesome Travel Videos from Israel

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    Default Awesome Travel Videos from Israel

    Breathtaking! Enjoy it! No words, no music, just beautiful:



    Tel Aviv

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    Thank you, Ovicula! It was interesting to see, especially the Jerusalem video with the different districts, one Jewish, one Christian, one Muslim. And the social 'norms' were different in each. I especially was in awe of the man carrying a large rectangle board on his head with bread or something, no hands holding it, he walked and it stayed!

    I think for me, though, if I ever get to Israel I would want to stay in the countryside, not cities. I am not a city type. Those videos were good enough for me! I guess I am more impressed with God's mountains and trees, and all that He created, yes, even dirt and weeds, rather than gazing at what men have created.
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