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    Hi everyone

    I recently signed up for a premium account with Mediafire, to back up my many Christian music files and such. For some reason, when I upload files, some of them are marked as copyrighted. ***Please note, I have NO intention of sharing my files - they are only on there as a backup for my personal use.*** I am concerned Mediafire may try to delete them or think I'm going to share them out. (Trust me, I would NEVER do that. I paid for the files but don't have receipts.)

    Does anyone here use Mediafire for their file backup? Anyone else had this issue with files being labeled as copyrighted? Also, is there a way to keep the files private so someone can't download from them?

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    I don't know a thing about Mediafire, but I would guess that songs marked copyrighted would not show up for sharing if you did open up your account for sharing. I don't think they'd delete them if you've uploaded them. That wouldn't be good for their business model.
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