Beyond the Trouble
By: Maxine M.

In Spring we celebrate Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem’s historic street
A “good” day, as the people hailed Him with Hosannas loud and sweet
It must have brought Him comfort as He knew His mission was nearly complete

It gave a small sense of the Glory that awaits Him at His 2nd advent, the soon coming return
The extreme adoration and worship His death & resurrection would earn
But He also knew that the coming week would bring distress, anguish & mental concern

Thursday brought one last meal, a time of fellowship, but He had a heavy heart
The disciples were confused about what He’d said, His words pierced like a sharp dart
But they refused to think that soon they and their Lord would be apart

From last Sunday the setting had changed to a very different scene
Jealousy stirred up an angry mob; what exactly did these “RELIGIOUS” leaders’ untrue statement mean?
Crucify Him!! Crucify Him!!, they cried…the disciples were too scared to intervene

He was beaten, scourged, tormented, mocked, scorned, the jubilation of last week would fade
The Hosannas were now silent, as His life for a known criminal they wanted to trade
Not one of them realized this was God’s plan; that, for their sin, His Son’s life would be paid

Friday was the day of our Saviour’s death…crucifixion is a very cruel way to die
A horrible, painful, physical day for Jesus, but all of Satan’s interference, His death would defy
A guaranteed way of escape, to flee punishment, this day would supply

Because His LOVE showed through the cruelty, even the crown of thorns & painful nails
Humiliated & drug to Calvary’s Hill, on public view, a death inflicted on disgraced males
But thank God, when giving us His Holy Book, He let us know the gruesome details

His body lovingly placed in a borrowed tomb, a large rock rolled in place to make it secure
A very sad “down” day for His followers; how could the HOPE He brought now endure?
Many had believed He’d come to free them from Rome, the evil in the world miraculously cure

But then came RESURRECTION SUNDAY, the wonderful day we still celebrate
From the darkness of Friday to the brilliant Light, in which any & every person can participate
By accepting His completion of the plan that only a loving, forgiving, almighty God would create

The sadness and tears of Mary Magdalene were changed when Jesus revealed Himself to her
She went quickly to tell the disciples (and Peter)…that morning must have went by in a blur
Stunned, shocked, His followers had a hard time believing just what had occurred

He mercifully came and appeared in their presence; didn’t need to knock & open the door
In His new resurrected body, He showed them the scars of the cross He bore
But His love & concern for ALL of them was just as great & vital as before

He was in perfect peace since His earthly mission had been accomplished, the garden’s agony left behind
That terrible stressful day now turned into the most joyous event you’ll ever find
Because God’s plan is that JOY always follows sorrow, but to this fact we’re often blind

So are YOU going through a ROUGH spell, nothing seems to go right?
You can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel, only endless night
But every seemingly hopeless situation CAN change, a future unknown to us, to a pure delight

As we observe Holy Week, where Jesus was hailed as King, betrayed by a friend
Deserted by His inner circle, for at His trial there was no one to defend
On the cross He was for the first time separated from His Father, but reconciliation for us by His sacrifice He’d send

Because Jesus rose from the grave, death was vanquished; the fear of it defeated forever more
The “down” depressed days of our bad situation, to joy and happiness, His gift will restore
Our victory is right THERE, JUST BEYOND the trouble, when Jesus is at our inner core

So we see all of life is a series of ups & downs, BUT when you surrender to Jesus as Lord,
The last stage is always up, as to our final days we’re moving toward
All the pain and trouble we endure here, an accumulation for a heavenly reward

Have a blessed Resurrection Day, everyone!