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Thread: Brain-controlled computers. or computer-controlled brains?

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    Default Brain-controlled computers. or computer-controlled brains?

    RFID implants got nothing on this.

    Beginnings of the new world system for the final generations?

    Letting the network attach to your brain? Not saying MOB , but this technology will be developed extremely fast. All nestled in the framework of how 10 kings will rule over the inhabitants of the earth.

    Example of someone using their mind to control a curson on a screen to type 8 words a minute is at 5:30

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    I've seen this stuff. It's weird and kinda creepy.

    There's a lot of new technology that's imminent but isn't mentioned at all in the book of Revelation. I find it very strange that revelation has a lot to say about current technology but little to say about emergent technology. I believe wholeheartedly it's because and times will interrupt the progression.

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