Does God Forgive?
By: Maxine M.

When Adam and Eve disobeyed God, SIN descended upon ALL the following human race
Even that precious newborn baby will soon have a “my way” disposition in place
A nature that longs to be in charge, disregarding the consequence they may face

Because we’ve all sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God, the bible declares
Thus no one deserves God’s mercy, none of our good works to His awesome GRACE compares
For He has a limitless supply which certainly can more than cover ALL our sinful errors

But many think God will automatically forgive, so why worry about sin
Thinking, those good works we do SHOULD erase those ungodly thoughts and deeds done by all men
Whenever we give in to temptation we give excuses…give it a good spin

Now God WILL forgive EVERY sin in which souls on earth choose to participate
But there is a CONDITION on which our forgiveness is granted without debate
It’s CONFESSING (owning the sin), acknowledging, turning away, a sense of regret create

IF we confess our sins, He is FAITHFUL and just to forgive us every time we do
Faith and belief are from the heart, but from the mouth comes the confession that’s due
When wrong is admitted, a NEW personal relationship with the Creator you can construe

Some talk about God in an off-handed way, but never speak of Jesus, His Son
But They cannot be separated, as two different Beings, for the Father & Son are One
For WHOEVER confesses that Jesus IS the Son of God, the way to eternal life has been won

BUT when we reject Him and His offer of Salvation, we harden our heart and turn away
Blame Him for our trouble, let His blessings go unappreciated, His commands disobey
Hold bitterness & resentment in our heart, always looking for the place fault should lay

Peter & Judas were both disciples, both walked with Him day after day
Both saw His miracles, experienced being in His presence and both, in one day, would betray
One out of fear for his life, one out of anger…the sin of greed he’d clearly portray

Peter was filled with shame for his denial of even knowing the man
True repentance & remorse was in his heart, the requirement forgiveness would demand
Strengthened by Jesus’ words “feed my sheep”, at the head of Christ’s church he’d stand

On the other hand, Judas, when he saw the CONSEQUENCE his betrayal had wrought
He regretted the blood money, the 30 pieces of silver, only a sense of guilt it brought
Went out and hung himself, instead of ASKING for forgiveness and the peace he sought

Judas created the perfect example of how PRIDE can keep forgiveness from occurring
If he’d humbled his heart or admitted his sin, from a horrible end he could have been deferring
Such a simple thing to do, SINCERELY ASKING for forgiveness…the way to Heaven assuring

So are YOU mad at God? Want nothing more to do with our Holy Father at all?
Perhaps He hasn’t answered your requests the way YOU wanted or He seems to just stall
He has a far better plan in the long run, but you only see an obstructive wall

You’ve tried to ignore Him, thoughts of Him NEVER cross your mind
Or you think there can never be forgiveness for what you’ve done, your sins are the ultimate kind
So you plan to keep them secret, no thought of confessing them & leaving them behind

But you WILL do it NOW or do it LATER…the choice is yours to make
For He has declared, one day EVERY knee will bow & EVERY tongue will confess…every soul partake
Why not do it NOW?! Let His forgiveness bring you peace…your place in eternity take

Don’t be like those first parents, making excuses, spreading blame all around
Listening to what YOUR will calls you to, instead of HIS will expound
Quit trying to protect yourself instead of acknowledging all wrongs found

How foolish not to avail yourself to His offer of FREE Grace
By refusing to confess, asking for forgiveness, His Gift of Salvation EMBRACE
Don’t be like Judas and let PRIDE keep you from His forgiveness…ALL your sins erase!