All You Need To Know
By: Maxine M.

Vacation Bible School’s program was about to begin; all the children were very excited
To demonstrate what they had learned and to talk about Jesus they were delighted
Each was to tell a story or the verses they’d memorized…each class was invited

One little boy had picked the 23rd Psalm, and practicing day after day his confidence would grow
But once he faced an audience, stage fright his young mind would bestow
Finally he blurted out, “The Lord is MY Shepherd and that’s all I know”

Later the preacher picked up on this saying “this young man has it totally right”
Because He is our Shepherd and it’s what comforts us in the middle of the night
As sheep trust & follow the Shepherd, just KNOWING He is there is our delight

There’s NOTHING I shall want, the promise goes on to freely declare
Not every DESIRE we have, but all the necessities, the peace, love and care the Shepherd will share
Those elements needed for maintaining life, for our weakness He will also bear

He makes the sheep lie down in “green” pastures, providing just what we need
Leads beside STILL waerts, (rushing water frightens sheep) their fears He heeds
He RESTORES my soul, when we’re free from sin, we will eventually succeed

He leads in paths of righteousness, for HIS namesake
Because when we do good deeds, in His name, it reflects His Glory; in His honor we partake
Since all those under the Shepherd’s influence KNOW He’ll never forsake

He prepares a table before me, all those public and private blessings we receive
In the presence of our enemies, demonstrating the tranquility of those who believe
Shows how His joy is spread abroad, even among those who are grieved

Yea, when I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, no evil will I fear
A shadow can’t hurt you, the light of the Shepherd will chase it away…making the way clear
His rod and His staff, (His words) they comfort me, meditate on the voice of the Spirit you hear

He anoints my head with oil, by this He states I’m His forevermore
Thus, my cup (of joy) runs over, surely goodness & mercy will follow me, abide in my inner core
All the days of my life I will dwell in the house of the Lord, safely behind the golden door

Jesus told His disciples, “I am the Good Shepherd, I know My sheep”
I am the DOOR to the sheepfold, so they must come through ME, their safety I’ll keep
They will follow My voice; I laid down My life for them because My love runs deep

Now sheep are subject to getting LOST, straying from the Shepherd’s side
We all, LIKE sheep, have gone astray, yearning for greener pastures we’ve spied
Ignoring the Shepherd’s voice, disregarding the good things ONLY He can provide

But the Good Shepherd will leave those already in the Sheepfold
To go and search for the ONE that’s lost & bring the one back, a new life is then unrolled
He never gives up on that one who once accepted Him, but whose love has grown cold

By saying He’s the “GOOD” Shepherd, He alludes to the fact that false shepherds are around
Worthless shepherds who, in the end, will abandon the sheep…unfaithfulness found
Their sheep will be scattered, unable to tell which voice is spiritually sound

Some of these false shepherds have MANY hoodwinked sheep in their flock
Issuing RULES that must be followed, but on Judgement Day they will be in for a shock
Realizing too late they’d been deceived; it was the TRUE Shepherd they had mocked

These false shepherds will all die and within their tombs the bones still remain
But the Good Shepherd died FOR US and ROSE AGAIN; a grave couldn’t, His Spirit restrain
Now He lives in the hearts of all His sheep; His love, goodness & protection they gain

Common sense would tell you to pick a Shepherd whose still alive today
Whose strength & might are unquestionable and Whose voice, love and mercy, convey
Stick as close as possible to His side because He hears whenever we pray