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Thread: Big praise for that family that lost their parents

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    Default Big praise for that family that lost their parents

    Some of you may recall I posted a request a few years back for 3 kids who had lost their parents whent he dad was driving drunk and/or stoned, the mom also had issues. The girls went with an aunt in our church and her husband, but the boy needed must more special counseling and at only 8 or so felt he didn't want to live; he had apparently really been mistreated by the dad, as had the others.

    Anyway, I knew the girls were doing very well but hadn't heard about the boy in a couple years. I saw the aunt the other day and asked her about him.

    She said the Lrod has really worked wonders. The boy has professed his faith in Christ as his Saviour and is really very happy and active now, he's in several different sports and is realy enjoying them - they really give him purpose. She said God had really done wonders for him, so I thought I'd post this for anyone who remembers. It takes a while sometimes but we need to keep praying for those requests when they come to mind, even if it's been years, the Lord can still be working in a situation.
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    Oh thank you for posting this---I love to hear answers to prayers!!!

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    Totally awesome!!!!

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    So wonderful!!!!
    There's nothing our LORD JESUS CHRIST can't do!!!!

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