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    I like historical movies so mom and I went to see it. It was very educational for me---had never really studied much about the evacuation of the British troops at Dunkirk---it was a truly heroic effort undertaken by the average British citizen. Kenneth Branagh is excellent as the British Commander on the beach at Dunkirk. No sex anywhere. To tell you the truth I was so mesmerized by the events on the screen I cannot tell you much about swearing...there is some but that is all I can say. While this is a war movie and so there is death, it is nothing like Hacksaw Ridge which was quite gory. All I can say is if it were not for the British and Winston Churchill I truly believe the world as we experience it now would be totally different...I will see this movie again with my husband who is also a history buff.

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    I'm familiar with the story of Dunkirk from some Christian fiction books centered around it. I look forward to seeing the movie one of these days. What happened there was an incredible moment in the history of man.
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