Happily Ever After
By: Maxine M.

We cheer as the hero and heroine leave the church where they were wed
And we love that every problem was subdued in the book we just read
Or when success is achieved in the career path in which one’s training led

Because “they lived happily ever Happily Ever After after” is the way we want every tale to end
But is that a REALISTIC message that we should, to our children, send?
The completion of any endeavor takes hard work, no need to pretend

Winning in sports leaves a great sense of exuberance, but is it a permanent high
Since many accomplished athletes keep SEARCHING for what a similar thrill will supply?
Because that “winning” feeling is a passing emotion, tomorrow it may quickly die

Election night!! Those who won were elated, the future looked bright ahead
But “happily ever after” was destined to disappear, working together soon to be dead
As politicians realize it’s very hard to DO what they had said

The idea for a successful business is to fulfill a consumer’s need
The goal is for the customer’s expectation to be reached and totally exceed
But over time CHANGES must be made, new TRENDS a business leader must heed

Children are a GIFT from God; a responsibility to lead in the RIGHT way to go
To love and guide, allow them to be themselves, but also understand the meaning of NO
We pray they will become a responsible mature adult; that upon him Godly wisdom He’ll bestow

Many people’s love story can last all their lives, staying strong for many years
Although NOT without conflict, or needing understanding & forgiveness through the tears
But the bond will be broken one day, when the death angel appears

So be it marriage, business, raising a child, a political undertaking
The objective is to enjoy every stage, any negative thoughts forsaking
Knowing there will be a final termination in which ALL will be participating

Because “Happily ever after” will only occur when in our risen Lord’s presence we’re found
ALL the problems and trials will finally be GONE…only peace surround
That knot of stress so many people carry, in a moment, will suddenly be unwound

So HOW do we GAURANTEE that WE can live “happily ever after” too?
By putting our life in His hands, KNOWING Salvation is free to all…not just a few
ACCEPTING Jesus as Lord, believing His promises, not doubting His word is true

Realizing all humans are BORN a sinner, all have broken His law, deserve eternal death as sin’s result
But our awesome & loving God SENT His sinless Son to die…cleansing us from every fault
Thus we become a child of God, not just a member of some religious cult

Then, by faith, receive His Holy Spirit, in Whom you now unwaveringly believe
Learn to listen to the guidance He provides; all the stress of daily choices relieve
We will change our inner thoughts & actions; His love and forgiveness receive

EVERYONE is looking for security, contentment, acceptance by family & peers
But in the dark of night, those personal & private moments are subject to inner fears
Be it a criminal, housewife, professional, or just an unbeliever anxiety quickly appears

Remember, He told His children He wouldn’t leave them in a world that’s falling apart day by day
He will take us away at the trumpet’s Glorious sound without delay
We who believe will be caught up to meet Him in the air…in a miraculous way

Now those who have died IN CHRIST will rise 1st…personally meet their Lord
The One Who sacrificed His life for them…His gift of Salvation, by them, wasn’t ignored
His, who are still alive, will be RAPTURED…all who have repented and come on board

At that moment “Happily EVER After” truly begins, joy in HIS presence evermore!
He says, you haven’t even begun to see what Heaven has in store
Ahead is an endless eternity; all the wonders of what He’s prepared, explore