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Thread: The Boy Scouts are gone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firefly View Post
    Yes, fl2007rn, it is such a blessing to have Christian parents! I tried Brownies but it just didn't click. Some years later my Mom took me to Pioneer Girls, which was totally awesome. It was like Girl Scouts, but better, because it was a Christian organization and it was more like Boy Scouts in some ways (pocket knives, camping, fires, smores, etc). I was even challenged to learn how to make a fire and light it using only 3 matches (of course it was rainy that day too). Lots of things for the 'tom-boy' in me! And most importantly, it was the leaders of the Pioneer Girls who taught me to pray to accept Jesus into my heart. Oh, wow, it just occurred to me that I can thank them once I get to heaven! We moved not too long after that, and I lost touch with them.

    I still have my books from Pioneer Girls, and now can see the solid foundation that it built - it didn't just teach the Bible, but it taught truths of who God is, who Jesus is, and who I am (as a pre-teen at the time that was totally what I needed!). Lots of scripture and how it applies to life. I found myself wishing I could find new copies of those books (they are like workbooks, and mine have been written in, so can't re-use) and re-use them for today's youth. Or re-write them to disciple new believers.

    I am so amazed at what God has done in my life!

    Oh, and BlessdMomUv5, maybe we should pray that a TL starts up near you!
    Back in the late sixties and early seventies I served as an assistant leader in Pioneer Girls at our church in Redding, CA. There were four of us women who shared the leadership responsibilities, with one being designated the leader. We had a great time with the girls and they learned so much and had so much fun. Everything Girl Scouts offered and even more, because is was Christ centered. We camped, we sewed, we cooked, we did crafts, community service projects, memorized verses,.............and, much more........awesome!!!

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    I was never a scout but this is ridiculous. probably one of the only clubs that a kid can join where there are just boys
    and the Girl scouts where there are just girls. can't they leave anything alone?
    "without Jesus my life on earth would be like listening to a neverending Fleetwood Mac song" BB

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