Victim or Victor
By: Maxine M.

Death lurked at a concert venue; mayhem and injury, lives forever changed
Satan conceived evil in one man’s mind; all sense of compassion he’d rearrange
The man had moved in and out among the public without anyone thinking it strange

His “story” wasn’t readily available, so what drove him to erupt in such terrible hate?
Had HE been a victim at some point for him to, such OVER the TOP animosity, create?
When emotions are pushed down for so long, an explosion is on the future’s slate

So have YOU been a victim, maybe of abuse, violence, fraud or of being betrayed?
Have you suffered prejudice, discrimination, racism, been tricked, cheated, swindled in a trade?
To you the balance of justice, in someone else’s favor, has been weighed

Have the consequences of your victimization left a “why me” attitude?
Left self-pity, assessing blame, critical of others, finding reasons to sit and brood
Steeped in bitterness, distrustful and wary of something new, to YOUR hurt you often allude?

Perhaps you were a victim of uncontrolled nature, wind, water, fire, earthquake
Lost all you once held dear, creating unbelievable heartache
Driving the emotions of the effected to deep desperation; what can be done, what decisions should I make?

But those things lost to injustice, nature, accident or illness God can always restore
Even the loved ones now gone, God has a plan to bring lasting comfort and much more
Since His promises are guaranteed, His children will always be victors, as He swore

Now He also provided great examples of victims who became victors instead
Job was TESTED far beyond what most will ever know…wife declared him good as dead
He didn’t understand, but by faith he clung to what God had said

His misfortunes & health were restored, then rewarded for the faith he displayed
He didn’t blame God, only asked why?! What unforgiveable mistake had he made
Perhaps this is what all victims think, as doubt and self-pity start to invade

Joseph was victim of brotherly jealousy, a lustful woman’s destructive lies
A fellow prisoner’s forgetfulness, but then promoted in the Egyptian ruler’s eyes
All his betrayal was a part of God’s plan to SAVE people, answer their human cries

Paul also was a victim of various perils, beaten, stoned, robbed, spent a night and day in the sea
But never played the victim role, self-pity his enemies would never see
Even whatever his thorn in the flesh was, he accepted as God’s will & divine decree

Maybe you’ve been impacted by personal injury, illness, or some other plight
A victim of circumstance, losing athletic ability to age, even physical sight
It’s HOW you move on and ACCEPT what God sends your way, teaching you how to fight

What we declare as a victim may be God’s way of saying, you’re stronger than you know
That no matter what our trial, we can be a VICTOR in our everyday life here below
Because He said, we CAN do ALL things through Him, overcome whatever today may show

When we realize God has a personal plan for every human being He created
For those who believe & receive His gift of Salvation, the plan will leave them elated
Life may not be all sunshine & roses, but inner peace & an eternal life with Christ they’ve slated

By putting your life in God’s hands, that victim attitude will quickly change
The Spirit will bring confidence which to others may seem strange
Because Salvation brings light out of darkness, new hope the Spirit can rearrange

Just as Jesus became victorious, overcoming death & the grave, thus we too will be likewise
We’ll never again be a victim, no longer vulnerable to whatever Satan tries
Because God will send His angels to bring Home His children when he/she dies

So give praise to God who gives us the victory through Jesus Christ His Son
Vanquish the victim mentality, its defeatist attitude completely shun
With Jesus as our Saviour, the path to eternal victory has just begun