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Thread: The Gun Toter's thread

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    JimfromOhio, my favorite pistol that I carry is a Ruger LCP .380. It's easily concealed and fits in my purse or on my hip without being noticed. Plus it doesn't have a lot of kick; which is why I don't like my husband's bigger caliber sidearms. Before I bought the .380 I carried the Ruger LC9. I liked it but it was still too bulky for what I do.

    Not sure if that helps but that's a woman's perspective on the smaller Rugers.

    P.S. go Buckeyes!

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    Tried an LCP at the family campground.

    Yuck. Poor sights, no weight, shot poorly, jammed, ... It seems you either like it or not. I am a not.

    Compared to my Beretta 84, CZ PCR, ... even my old Beretta 81 totally outclassed it.
    (I'd think about a Beretta 85 if conceal-ability+weight gets more important)

    Weight saving can be advantageous, but with .380 it seems counterproductive.

    A wheel gun in 22 WMR would be a better investment if weight is the primary concern.

    Hmmm.... .22 Mag LCR..... that might do it.....
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    Personally, I would never have any 380 (for several reasons,
    possibility of ammo being confused with 9mm is one of them)
    but your statement here makes no sense to me:
    Weight saving can be advantageous, but with .380 it seems counterproductive.
    I do know that with any simi-auto, your grip is important,
    too loose or too tight and you get miss feeds.

    BTW: considering what it is used for, I am surprised it has sights at all.

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