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Thread: The Gun Toter's thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Florian9 View Post
    Awesome! A man's gun! I've never had the pleasure of pulling a .30-06 trigger--how's the recoil?
    Quote Originally Posted by WarriorX View Post
    I never owned an -06 but I have shot one before. It's definitely harder than a .30-30. It can shake you a bit but nothing you can't handle.
    Let's just say, you know you've shot a gun when you've shot a!

    It kicks, kinda like a single shot 12 gauge.

    but man it's accurate and it has range!

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    I have an -06 that I like a lot. For what/where I hunt, a 150 grain cartridge is enough and helps a bit with the recoil. I just try not to do any extended sighting in from a bench!

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    A most excellent way to shoot 30-06 is an M1 Garand. The Garand's semi auto mechanism uses the recoil to reload the next round.. The power is transferred to the round and the reloading mechanism. There is no painful thumping on you like the bolt actions 30-06 of a 1903 or a Remington 700, and it is so much easier on your shoulder than any 12 gauge recoil.

    You'll still find many very well cared for examples of these wonderful old 30 caliber gals around for about 800 to 1000 bucks. They are highly accurate and easy to care for.
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